Monday, May 14, 2007

A MUST READ on Don McEachin

Please take a look at Vivian J. Paige's most excellent write up on Don McEachin and his press conference regarding Benny Lambert's ties to Sallie Mae, the student loan "company". I have to say, I pay those venomous snakes every month for my student loans taken out years ago, and they have horrible business practices. From Ms. Paige:
Lambert serves on the board of directors for Sallie Mae and has used his position as justification for contributing to a conservative Republican who voted against Democratic efforts to reduce student loan interest rates.
If Mr. Lambert serves on the board of directors, I would certainly love to sit down with him and speak to him about the hundreds of thousands of dollars they make off of college graduates and their families year after year. It must be nice to be rolling in it while young adults are still eating the Ramen noodles they snacked on in dorm rooms.

Here is Don's full statement, also courtesy of Ms. Paige (bolding is me):
Affordable college education should be the right of every Virginian – and is the dream of every American family.

Unfortunately, too often corporate greed and corporate malfeasance on the part of for-profit loan corporations like Sallie Mae that lend money to our students have gotten in the way of this aspiration.

As you may recall, my opponent, Benjamin Lambert acknowledged contributing $1000 to conservative Republican Congressman Buck McKeon. It is disturbing, and perhaps very telling, that this is the same Congressman McKeon who was the leader in the fight OPPOSING successful Democratic efforts that would cut student loan rates in half. (Washington Post, 1/17/07).

Republican Congressman McKeon, Mr. Lambert and his fellow members on Sallie Mae’s Board of Directors may believe higher rates on student loans are acceptable, but students and their families know otherwise.

Just as distressing as Sallie Mae’s determination to keep their profits high by keeping student loan rates high, are the unethical business practices in which Sallie Mae has engaged while my opponent has been part of their leadership, serving as a member of their Board.

In New York, Attorney General Cuomo has forced Sallie Mae to enter into an agreement that has made the company stop practicing egregious business practices including bribery, kickbacks, and collusion. (Washington Post, 4/12/07)

Here in Virginia, Sallie Mae has been accused of participating in illegitimate business practices involving unaccredited trade schools and illegal debt collection activities. (

As a member of the General Assembly, my responsibility is to the people I represent – not to a for-profit Corporation whose business practices are questionable and whose relentless push for profits come from the sweat of our hard-working families and students.If elected to the State Senate, I will introduce legislation that will help protect our students from unethical and predatory lending practices.
-Prohibit Sallie Mae and other for profit loan corporations from forming exclusive relationships with any school in the Commonwealth
-Insist that students are explicitly notified in every communication that loan corporations are for profit and that they should examine every loan offer carefully
-Prohibit Sallie Mae and other for profit loan corporations from offering gifts or other enticements directly to schools
-Force full disclosure so that it will be apparent when seemingly alternative loan offers are just from subsidiaries of Sallie Mae
-Authorize the creation of a statewide trust for direct lending to students by universities; creating a non-profit alternative to the for profit loan corporations, like Sallie Mae
Additionally, I will work with Senator Webb and our entire Congressional delegation on the federal level to put some real reform in the student loan scam, ensuring full disclosure and working to reduce interest rates and find more resources for our deserving students.

Senator you told the Richmond Free Press: “When you serve on a cooperate board that pays as much as Sallie Mae does, you sometimes have to make contributions to people regardless of party,”

1.8 million in Sallie Mae stock sales and 4.4 million in stock you still hold in Sallie Mae - is that the price that caused you to turn your back on the Democratic Party-the same party that has supported you throughout your career? (SEC Disclosure form DEF 14A: SLM Corp, filed 4/9/07 and SEC disclosure Form 4, sales on 1/24/06, 9/13/06, and 12/20/06)

I ask you, Senator please explain how the profits that you and Sallie Mae have made have not come at the expense of our college students.
Right on, Don. And thanks for caring about your constituents.


Blogger Rick Howell said...

Jaime: Your very fine pictures really play hell with my meager attempts to drink less....but, on the topic, I wonder this: Why is it that the delegate in question here is having such a tough time raising money against Lambert? At least that's what I've heard.

I know McEachin is a real hero to Richmond-area liberal bloggers, and I'm no particular fan of Lambert....but can the delegate really win that primary? Please allow me to re-fill my glass before I hit "publish." Sincerely, Rick Howell

6:58 PM  
Anonymous Terry said...

What's wrong with Sallie Mae? I'm about to get loans through them, should I look elsewhere....... :-\

10:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Lambert is going to win. The slavery apology & the continued bashing of Lambert on George Allen(a white man) has rallied a large number of white voters in eastern Henrico. Many voters have grown tired of the Lambert bashing & are starting to wonder what has McEachin done for the last 10 yrs.

10:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

McEachin wins by 10 points.

9:24 PM  
Anonymous Merv the Perv said...

May I suck your toes?

11:30 AM  

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