Monday, May 07, 2007

A great place to spend some money...

If you believe in electing strong Democrats to the state senate, then look no further than voting for/volunteering for/contributing to Donald "The Don" McEachin. I have made it quite clear here at WOS as to why I think we need to replace Senator Lambert/Allen in November, so this is just a phriendly reminder. Don rocks, and the state of Virginia would be better off with him representing us than turncoat Benny.

In somewhat related news, the Lambert signs are popping up all over downtown Richmond. Of course, they are on abandoned buildings and such, so I don't think anyone is actually agreeing to host them, but hey; beggars can't be choosers. Please let me know if you have any old George Allen signs/stickers, as I think they would make a great accompaniment to the Lambert signs. They ARE BFF's, remember?

H/T to VJP


Blogger Jason Kenney said...

Please don't promote vandalizing signs. As someone who's worked on many campaigns and seen valuable time and money go down the drain because of vandals, I just can't stand for defacing campaign signs, no matter what side of the fence one's on.

Now if you happened to put stuff up next to it, that's fine. But on it? Please don't.

Side note: How's the house hunt going? Or is the hunt over and now it's a move?

9:55 AM  
Blogger Phriendly Jaime said...

That's what I was planning on doing; simply putting the Allen signs below the Lambert signs, as a simple reminder. I also hate vandalism of anything, including signs.

Re the house: Oh, it goes, and goes...

11:13 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

George Bush Comes to Central Virginia

In an effort to defend their stronghold on Central Virginia, Republicans asked George Bush to come to Goochland County. George sees the necessity of coming to the front lines in this attempt to turn Democratic Candidates who challenge their position in this pivotal Republican stronghold,. Once considered unquestionably Republican, Central Virginia which includes the U.S. House seat held by Eric Cantor, the Virginia 56th House seat held by Bill Janis and the 72nd House seat left open as Delegate Read retires, this region is now moving in the direction of Democrats who are steadily increasing their percentages at the polls. This erosion of the Republican base is at the heart of why George Bush is coming to Central Virginia.

George Bush and the Virginia Republicans realize the strategic importance Central Virginia plays. They have been losing ground over the last 4 election cycles and now must attempt to stem the tide going into the Presidential race in 2008. It’s no accident that they have chosen Goochland County as their best hope to rally their troops to make a final stand against a determined underdog. The Democrats bid to take back the House of Delegates and restore a working legislative branch to the people of Virginia spells danger for these ultra-right wingers like Janis.

Janis has long been considered a key player in the ultraconservative circles of the Republican Party pushing favorite issues like allowing guns in night clubs and parks, allowing motorcyclists to ride without helmets and vouchers for rich private school students. Allied with the Libertarian Party, he has been a pivotal element in causing the logjam in our House of Delegates causing important issues such as highway maintenance, solutions for new roads and public transportation and community mental health to be stalled leaving Virginians wondering what our representatives are doing for us in Richmond.

Janis also led a charge to stop Mark Warner’s very popular crusade to save Virginias financial well being by holding an uncompromising position. Along with other ultraconservative Legislatures he has taken out a vendetta on middle of the road Republicans who saw the wisdom of saving Virginia from financial ruin. By finding and helping to nominate ultra right wing Libertarians these Republicans hope to find a way to stop progress in Virginia and to shut down legislative active. The, idea being that big business and the wealthy can then control their destinies without being held accountable to Virginia citizens.

George Bush, Cantor and candidates like Janis, Blackburn and Massie and their Libertarian buddies must be stopped. Virginia Democrats in Central Virginia are fighting to bring sanity back to the Virginia House and restore hope for Virginia’s future. Our citizens are counting on us to succeed so the people’s work can get done in Richmond.

8:54 AM  

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