Friday, April 13, 2007

Richmonders, go fill out this form. RIGHT NOW.

It's a travesy that we don't have a Trader Joe's grocery store. We need one, we want one, and we should have one. Preferably, yesterday. So go fill out this location request form, and send it on in. It's easy and takes less than a minute to accomplish.


Blogger Tripp said...

Been there, done that...many years ago -- and yet, still no Trader Joes.

I have to tell you though, now that The Fresh Market has opened, I don't know that I'd shop at Trader Joes. (I'm a quality over price guy and while TJ's offers some good products, I've never been all that impressed).

Plus, Whole Foods is still slated to open at West Broad Village in Short Pump (where the old Liesfield Farm was).

That said, I see the appeal of having a Trader Joes somewhere in the Fan area or possibly even near Broad/Adams (assuming those condos and apartments get rented soon).

7:39 AM  

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