Sunday, April 08, 2007

4 Truths and a LIE Answers

I may as well put up my answers, while I am thinking about it. Last week, I listed my 4 truths and a lie since the fun was floating around the VA blogosphere and I thought it was very interesting. Here are my truths and lies, and my admission of a lie is below...
1. I (also) have a gay dog who prefers to stick to his own "race" (color of hair). He's very embarrassing.

2. I stuck my hand in a blender that was running on high/Chop 3 years ago and sliced up my fingers terribly. I then hung up on the 911 people because I realized how stupid I sounded. They showed up with a fire truck, 2 cop cars, and an ambulance. They assumed Thadd was beating me in the apartment and that was why I hung up, so they questioned him pretty harshly while I cried in the bathroom. I have recovered, but have no feeling in the tips of 2 of my fingers.

3. I flunked my written driver's test 3 times, and I failed the actual driving test once. To this day, I suck at driving.

4. I helped the police catch a criminal when I was 10. It was on Halloween, and I was very, very angry that I was missing trick-or-treat time in order to help put a man behind bars. My mom felt bad and took me out very late, and then neighbors questioned her parenting skills.

5. I think that bacon is the greatest meat product. Ever. I consider bacon to be a gateway drug for non-meat eaters. It's certainly what cured me of my bout of veganism.
Sadly, though it's hard to believe, the LIE was #3. I actually only failed the written test once, and I passed the physical driving test even though I killed every orange cone while parallel parking. In retrospect, I think the person who gave me my test was high. Or drunk. Had the cones been people, they wouldn't be walking today. But, with practice, I have gotten better. Seriously.


Anonymous PM said...

A vegan friend of mine had one exception to her diet -- pepperoni pizza. (I don't even know what it's made out of.) I have been on a diet since 1-7 (have lost 25 pounds) and have had no bacon during that time (which may account for an occasional cranky post on RK). Today, for Easter, I had my first real chocolate since 1-7 -- dark chocolate covered raisins from Trader Joe's. (I don't count the chocolate in those Healthy Choice chocolate frozen bars -- which are very good actually.)

I'm actually at my target weight, wearing my old pants, etc., but I always go ten below my target because at this point I'm not that interested in my old eating habits anyway.

4:14 PM  
Blogger Phriendly Jaime said...

Good for you, PM! I have been on South Beach since 1/27/07, and I have lost about 12-15 pounds (I hate scales, so weight loss is more evident through clothing fittings than scale numbers) but I bet I am gaining some back now that I am eating more sugar in my non solid foods. But congrats!!!

6:21 PM  

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