Friday, April 13, 2007

UPDATE: The people running for McEachin's old seat...

UPDATE: I am definitely going to look further into Jackie Jackson's creds, as she appears to be the only person with a website and she seems to have the most impressive resume. Additionally, I got an interesting tip through an email, this morning; I have to look further into why exactly Jackie lost her city council seat. It seemed strange and surprising back when she DID lose, and now it seems even weirder based on the comment. I'll keep readers posted.


Wow. Real light and not defined list of people we have here. Frankly, at this point, I am not ready at all to make an endorsement.

First, we have Jackie Jackson, a woman who lost her City Council seat this past election because she couldn't get along with Mayor Wilder. Yeah, you can blame it on a lot of other reasons, but to be perfectly honest, it was literally embarrassing to watch public access television and witness the vendetta she seemed to have against Mayor Wilder. I really like her as a person, I just was not impressed with her behavior as a member of the Richmond City Council. She has some atoning to do, and I hope she can clean up her act a bit, because this is a very serious election for a very important seat.

Next, we have Floyd H. Miles, Sr., who lost to Don McEachin two years ago. He apparently doesn't have a website up yet, so is he really running? In an electronic world in the year 2007, I would think that a website by the time the filing deadline has passed is a MUST. I guess we will see whether or not he plans to run in the primary race for his old seat.

According to some, Benny Lambert's son, David Lambert, is running as well. He has no website, he has no media coverage, and I am not going to give this fleeting rumor much more attention. I will only say that he did open a pretty cool internet coffee shop, which is now closed after 5pm, yet they haven't bothered to update their website to include that pertinent info. AND THEY ARE AN INTERNET SAVVY COFFEE SHOP. Kinda sad.

Finally, we have the former Richmond Commonwealth's Attorney Joe Morrissey, who also doesn't have a website up as of yet. And why would that be? Oh, maybe because his license to practice law has been suspended because he has been found IN CONTEMPT OF COURT THREE TIMES IN THE PAST THREE YEARS. He also beat up a contractor he personally hired to work on his house.
The Virginia Bar Association Judiciary Panel decided to suspend Morrissey's state law license for three years in December because Morrissey had been found in contempt of court three times in the past three years. Morrissey won a stay on the suspension pending his appeal before the Supreme Court of Virginia.

The controversial attorney also got into legal trouble last year over a well-publicized fistfight with a contractor who was supposed to work on Morrissey's house. Morrissey was convicted of misdemeanor assault and battery and ordered to pay a $2,500 fine.
Unfortunately, there's more...
Morrissey’s TV ads relentlessly portray him as one who ”fights” for his clients because he cares. Thus, what might otherwise be interpreted as a problem with rage and disregard for the dignity of the court has been transformed into a crusade for a higher justice.

Morrissey’s celebrity image has brought him clients and provided for the princely lifestyle he enjoys when he’s not in jail. Now it may save his neck.

On Wednesday Sept. 29 in Richmond Circuit Court, Morrissey is slated to face more than the usual contempt citation. Stemming from a bloody fight with contractor Garien H. Wycoff, Morrissey is charged with “aggravated malicious wounding.”
So basically, while I am thrilled that the honorable Donald McEachin is running for Benny Lambert's Senate seat, I wish we had some better people to run for his current seat.

Thaddaeus Toad
is pretty smart and savvy...maybe he should have run...

EDIT: Thadd didn't think that was funny. In conclusion, one or more of these candidates may be and some should be able to make the case for their candidacy over the others, but I have to wait and see. I have no favorite(s) yet.


Anonymous HenricoDem said...


Not too many have gotten along with Wilder over the years. Take another look at Jackie's credentials, is that not someone you would want representing you in the Assembly? And she has a website, press releases and has been canvassing the district hard.

11:39 PM  
Blogger The Richmond Democrat said...

I suspect either Jackie Jackson or Floyd Miles, Sr. will take this seat.

Jackson is young and energetic and has embraced the online aspects of campaigning. Floyd Miles, Sr. seems to be more old school. As a prior incumbent of this seat, he may have a network on the ground willing to run a more traditional telephone and door-knocking campaign for him.

There are still parts of the world where not everyone is wired into the internet.

7:56 AM  
Blogger Jason Kenney said...

I coulda been a contender....

9:35 AM  
Blogger Phriendly Jaime said...

I realize that Henrico Dem. Believe you me, Jackie is the person I am leaning most towards right now, hands down. But, I am being honest about the Wilder thing. I am sure she has a lot more good going for her than that one facet I noticed, but hey; it happened to bug me. I am a C-Span junkie, both national and local, can't help it.

I will be posting more on this, not to worry. Have you seen my update yet?

RD, you are right, and you and I have complained/chatted about the many people off-line in Richmond City. What can I say, I couldn't survive. I would take a laptop to a deserted island before I would take a phone (but after beer, of course).

Jason-man, you missed the boat. Well, there's always next year.

10:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Yeah, you can blame it on a lot of other reasons, but to be perfectly honest, it was literally embarrassing to watch public access television and witness the vendetta she seemed to have against..."

Funny. I'm ALWAYS embarrassed when my girlfriend catches me watching public access television.

11:02 AM  

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