Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Republicans have spoken - Mr. Bush is more important than our troops

From the mouth of Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader(D):
“The Webb amendment is simple: It states that if a member of the active military is deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, they are entitled to the same length of time back home before they can be redeployed. It also states that members of the Reserves may not be redeployed within three years of their original deployment – which will not only give them time to recover from deployment, but will restore our reserve forces to respond to emergencies here at home.

“Anyone who watched the tornadoes in Kansas and other states’ emergencies knows how crucial a well-maintained and supported Reserve force is to our domestic safety. Some have tried to confuse this issue by calling it an infringement of presidential authority. This is simply false. Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution empowers Congress to ‘make rules for the government and regulation of the land and naval forces.’

“And this amendment provides ample presidential waivers in the case of an emergency that threatens our national security. The Webb amendment sets a standard and binding policy, but it does not tie the president or the Congress’s hands to respond to an emergency.

“If we are committed to building a military that is fully equipped and prepared to address the challenges we face throughout the world – and I know we are – then we must support this amendment. If we are committed to repaying in some small measure the sacrifices our brave troops are making every day – and I know we are – then we must support this amendment.

“I am discouraged that the Republican leadership chose to block this troop readiness amendment. If Republicans oppose troop readiness, they are entitled to vote against it. If Republicans don’t believe that our courageous men and women in uniform deserve more rest and mental health, they can vote no on this amendment. If they don’t agree that constant redeployments and recruiting shortages are straining our armed forces, they can vote no on this amendment.

“But to block this amendment – to not even give it an up or down vote – shows that some of my Republican colleagues are protecting their president rather than protecting our troops. But just because some in the minority party are choosing obstruction does not mean that all Republicans must follow in lockstep. I urge all of my colleagues who believe we need a new course to support this amendment. It is a crucial first step on the path toward a responsible end to the war.”
Way to go, Republicans. You're real American heroes today, aren't you? Choosing protecting your "president" over each and every member of our armed forces, dead or alive. ANYONE who agrees with this decision is a weak, pathetic, impotent traitor. I hope they're proud of themselves.


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