Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Once again, the Republican party shows their disdain and hate for the troops

Same shit, different stink. I can only imagine the spin Fox News is trying to come up with at this point. I almost feel sorry for the office personnel of every disgusting person who voted against Senator Jim Webb's fair and logical amendment, since I imagine constituents around the country are letting them know exactly how they feel. Then again, I quickly remember that these very same people answering the phones work for and support American traitors, so my sympathy ends.

To all Virginians who actually support the troops (certain despicable bloggers need not apply because your ridiculous signs and your yellow ribbons on your car don't count), please call the offices of both Senators Warner and Webb and thank them for supporting our troops today.

Republican supporters, bloggers, and politicians - you should all be utterly ashamed. I ask you once again; why do you hate our members of the Armed Forces? And if you feel so strongly about supporting the troops by keeping them in harm's way for years on end, why don't you join them instead of being such pussies?


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