Thursday, June 14, 2007

Late congratulations to Don

What a thrill! Don McEachin won the race against Benny Lambert so easily, I didn't have to sweat at all. He is going to make a wonderful Senator. Of course, now that I have moved, I am in Senator Marsh's district, so I cast my final vote in my old precinct on Tuesday for Don McEachin. I was more than proud to do so, and turnout was heavier than I expected. What a great day.

Don also called in to Blog Talk Radio to thank Ben, Lowell, and the netroots for their help. I thought that was an incredibly classy move on his part, and I know the entire netroots community appreciates being thanked for what they do. I hope other politicians start thanking the netroots as opposed to punishing them for becoming part of the process.

Congrats again, Don! I know you will make us all proud!


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