Monday, June 11, 2007

Signs don't vote, and neither do angry business owners

I couldn't help but notice that the Lambert folks have been hard at work putting up campaign signs on abandoned buildings and homes in the city of Richmond. I mean, nothing shows confidence like seeing a sign masking taped to a boarded up wall with 7 "no trespassing" signs on it, right? Hahahahahaha, RIGHT. However, the crew probably should have stuck with abandoned and condemned property, bc I have noticed that more and more signs have been torn down off of the walls, and it appears that perhaps the Lambert campaign was a bit too liberal in their signage. I watched a woman tear 2 Lambert signs off of her hair salon windows the other day. Apparently, she had closed the shop temporarily and was none too pleased to come back to open up her shop now covered in signs she neither requested, nor wanted.

It's safe to say Lambert lost more than one vote over that incident.

Meanwhile, Don McEachin's awesome flier has been circulating around Richmond, and he is clearly making his point known. Lambert's ties to Bush and Allen have not gone unnoticed, and have been the talk around town in political circles. I have heard the race mentioned quite a bit, both at work and while I am out and about, so I think we McEachin fans are in for a happy ending.

GO DON GO! West Of Shockoe will be an all Don, all the time address for the next 48 hours. Stay tuned for victory posts!


Anonymous Bryan J. Scrafford said...

I know it probably didn't go down like this, but wouldn't it be brillant if the "no trespassing" signs were actually posted by people who didn't want someone who endorsed and actively supported George Allen last year running as a Democrat (in other words, trespassing on the Democratic ticket)

1:42 PM  

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