Sunday, June 03, 2007

I'm flattered, and I don't blame you.

If I were some of the other people in the Virginia blogosphere, I would want to be me, too.

As I was catching up on Virginia political news, I couldn't help but notice that there have been a number of comments left on the blogs by a person who goes by the name of "Jaime". That's pretty interesting, since even though my name is common, the spelling I use is not common at all. So I find it funny that in my absence, a newbie has come on the scene with the same name and spelling. I have never seen comments by this person before, and frankly, I was pretty surprised to see them pop up only in my absence this week. Of course, this very well could be a real person with the same name with comments for blogs and bloggers, but I have received a number of emails from people asking me why I have dropped the "phriendly" from my name. Because of this, I must address the fact that this other commenter going by the name "Jaime" is not me.

Let me go through some choice inane comments made on my friend Myron's blog and explain how they couldn't possibly have been made by me to prove my point (also bc I am bored, the Democratic debate is boring, and I am drinking beer to celebrate my move-oh,I won't be driving, though, like certain people's wives do when they drink):
...Last I heard, you’re 26, live at home and have no job. So it seems sitting back and watching other people is right up your ally. How about you get up off that old hiney and get out there yourself?
I have no idea how old Myron is, but I know that he has numerous jobs and a lovely wife whom I adore and consider a friend. Also, I would have used the word ASS because I am not eleven years old.
And lastly, I know some of these people pointing fingers have also done shameful things in their lives too. So don’t act all offended as if you’re perfect. After all, we’re only human, right? I know Sayre has received plenty of come backs from supporters sending in dirt on Emmit, yet he’s not turning down that path. How about we get on with the REAL campaign, and stop acting as though we’re 10 years old, you poopy heads.
OK...first of all, I would back up the gossip threat with some actual gossip. I mean, c'mon. Get a grip, and act like an adult. Oh, that's another thing; next time you call someone out for acting immature, don't call them a "poopy head" in the same sentence. How old are you? "Shit head" is a fine word, and should be used to describe more people. Oh, and you spelled Emmett wrong, dumbass.
Say what you want, I refuse to start a name calling war.
Except when she/he calls people poopy heads.
Everyone, EVERYONE, has something. Some more than others, but in Gods eyes, every sin is equal.
I don't know about that. When I get drunk at home and call my friends and harass them and break something because I trip, God (if you believe in him/her, that is) may be annoyed, but I bet if you drive your car drunk and kill a family, or get your family member out of a DUI charge all hush hush because you can...well, I think God knows the difference between me and the "other persons" I described.
But like I said, i’m not starting a war. Besides, I’m upset about the poor things already said that are not even related to Sayre, so why would I turn around and do the same to Emmett? Sorry, but you’re not getting the drama you want out of me.
Hahahahahahahaahaha, yeah, sure. "Jaime" sure sounds like a drama queen to me, how about you, readers? Hilarious.

So let me go on record with the following: this is complete bullshit, and Scott Sayre should immediately explain how he got his wife treated better than Paris Hilton.
The New Dominion has independently confirmed the report. According to online court records, the 2003 conviction in Rockbridge County General District Court was for an Aug. 26, 2003, offense that resulted in a 30-day suspended sentence and a $100 fine, and the 2006 conviction in Staunton General District Court was for a Jan. 13, 2006, offense that resulted in a 30-day sentence, 20 days of which were suspended, and a $250 fine.

According to the court records, the second incident at first led to a charge for Sayre of DWI-Second Offense, which upon conviction would have subjected her to a mandatory minimum fine of $500 and up to a year in jail.

Sayre was ultimately convicted of DWI-First Offense in that case.


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