Thursday, February 22, 2007

Senator/Governor/President Charles Barkley?

Does this mean we will have to solve all of our problems with a sweaty game of one-on-one?
NBA Hall of Fame player, Charles Barkley announced his intentions last July to run for Governor of Alabama, perhaps in 2010. "I was a Republican until they lost their minds," said Barkley at the time.

In a talk with Wolf Blitzer on CNN this afternoon, Barkley may have begun to sketch out a platform on which to launch his political career.

"I want to be a politician," Barkley said. "I think I understand how the system works, I think a lot of politicians are corrupt, and it's about time we put some people in there who are going to look out for the majority of the people instead of the rich people."
OK, um, I think Barkley IS rich, so I don't know why he is mentioning economics at this point. Also, UNTIL they lost their minds? Um, where have you been, sir? That certainly isn't a new wordly development in my opinion.

Video available here.


Anonymous Chris Guy said...

Barkley campaigned with John Edwards in 2004.

And he used to say he was only a Republican because he had money. So he was always a pretty soft Republican, it wasn't a very tough conversion.

2:23 PM  
Anonymous Josh said...

Sir Charles, or the "Round Mound of Rebound" as he was once hilariously known, grew up dirt, dirt poor in rural Alabama. I don't think he was ever much of a Republican and that his claims to the contrary were mostly a joke. I haven't looked up his donor history, just a feeling.

Plus, he would instantly be the funniest governor/senator/president EVER.

4:14 PM  
Blogger DougHed said...

Hey now Jaime- one person- Jim Webb. Let's not bash or ask. Let's accept and get em elected. :)

8:35 PM  

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