Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hahahahaha! I totally agree! Nascar DOES suck...

I give you nothing but the article; its hilarious enough.
The electronic sign on the side of Interstate 4 is supposed to warn motorists of an upcoming exit.

This weekend, someone reprogrammed it with a slightly different message: "NASCAR sucks. Go home."

Florida Department of Transportation officials said a prankster with the right kind of keyboard and a password changed the sign this weekend as hundreds of thousands of race fans poured into the area.

The sign -- a 7-by-10-foot movable message board -- was posted near the Saxon Boulevard exit by the eastbound lanes, DOT spokesman Steve Homan said. An employee noticed the unauthorized message late Saturday night. By Sunday morning, the sign was switched off.

Homan said employees checked to see whether the locked box that houses the sign's electronic guts was pried open. It turned out to be unlocked, but someone still needed the correct keyboard and password, which is available to highway contractors, consultants and DOT employees.

"It was clearly someone that was familiar with that operation," Homan said, though he said DOT would not try to find the culprit. "There are just people that are inclined to use our means of communicating, I guess."

It's the first time Homan has encountered such a prank but not the first time the DOT used one of its signs to send a non-transportation message.

Several years ago, alarmed motorists called highway officials to report that cows grazing in a marshy area near the I-4 bridge were drowning.

The cattle were just sinking a little in the soft pasture, so DOT workers programmed a sign to read: "The cow is OK."
OK, first of all, the cow sign is hilarious, and secondly, the fact that they aren't even going to find out who publicly trashed Nascar to its own FANS just leads me to believe that pretty much everyone agrees that the "sport" of Nascar is just crap. Honestly, the only good thing to come out of Nascar is Talladega Nights.


Anonymous Chris Guy said...

Hey, what about Days of Thunder? That one was pretty funny too. Oh wait, you mean intentionally funny. Nevermind.

9:11 PM  
Anonymous Jeremy said...

Meh, I actually think not expending law enforcement resources on an obvious and harmless prank is a rare sign of sanity in this day and age.

9:56 AM  

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