Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lambert still in the hot seat

It looks like the Lambert situation is far from being solved. Today, the Free Press has a front page story about a group of 10 Richmond party members who have signed and filed an appeal to challenge the Richmond City Democratic Committee's vote on January 25, 2007. The heated discussion and the subsequent vote allowed Benjaimin Lambert III to remain a committee member even though he endorsed George Allen over Jim Webb for Virginia's Senate seat.

The paper isn't online, so here are some bits from the article:
Margorie Clark, chairwoman of the 7th Congressional District Democratic Committee confirmed on Monday, 2/12/07, that she did indeed receive the appeal by the deadline.

The appeal will require a hearing on Sen. Lambert's status and discussions with party leaders are under way to decide on an appropriate process; Lambert will receive notice of any such hearning in advance.

Some of the people who signed the appeal are Richmond City Councilman E. Martin "Marty" Jewell, architect Bill Laffoon, Michael Brown, chairman of the State Board of Elections (and an awesome and hilarious guy who is a pleaseure to work with and spend time with), and an unnamed former city School Board member.

Micheal Brown quote (me in parentheses): "We feel the rule should be followed (the party rule requires the expulsion of any member for supporting someone other than the party's nominee). There's no need to have the rule if that is not going to happen."
So, like I said; it looks like this is far from over for the Richmond City Democratic Committee and Benjamin Lambert.


Anonymous J.C. said...

What? No JJ post yet? You suck!

3:18 AM  
Blogger JMUDuke said...

Hearing all the boos at JJ when they announced Lambert was pretty funny.

8:25 AM  

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