Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Texas mayor shows some sense

This may be old news, but in case you missed it, Brazoria, TX Mayor Ken Corley tried to outlaw the N word last week. If his bill passed, a violation would have been considered a Class C misdemeanor, the lowest category of offense, which is punishable by a fine of up to $500.

You read that right, folks; the mayor of a small town in the United States of America thought that OUTLAWING A WORD would solve the racial divide in this country.

Yeah, I know.

Now I myself never use the N word and I try not to associate with people who do. However, I have enough sense to know what freedom of speech is and what nanny state means, and this proposal seemed to define one of those terms while damning the other (I'll let you figure it out). Apparently, most residents felt the same:
After facing intense opposition against a proposed ordinance that would have outlawed the use of the "N-word" in his town, Brazoria Mayor Ken Corley announced Thursday he would drop the proposal altogether.

Corley's decision brought applause from most of the 200 people who gathered in the middle of Main Street to discuss the issue, according to the Houston Chronicle. The meeting was held outside Thursday because the town's city council chambers was too small.

While almost all speakers said they condemned the use of any racial epithets, most said the Brazoria County town of 2,800 has few racial problems, and the proposed ordinance would cause more problems than it would cure.

"I'm embarrassed for my little town," said Bill Lott, who is white. "We need to unite, not divide."
Exactly, Mr. Lott. EXACTLY.


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