Thursday, January 11, 2007

Joe Scarborough continues to expose Bill O'Reilly

I must say, I am more impressed with Joe Scarborough from MSNBC's Scarborough Country every day. Last week, Joe Scarborough came out HARD against Bill O'Reilly and his baseless attacks on MSNBC (with another great video). Now, I can understand Bill O'Reilly wanting to attack Keith Olbermann, who has done more than his fair share of mocking Bill O'Reilly and exposing him for the lying fraud he is. But Joe Scarborough and Bill O'Reilly are supposed to be on the same team, right? Joe Scarborough has history as an active Republican Congressman, and much to the chagrin of the Republicans, he has only recently come to his senses and denounced Bush's failed policies.
Scarborough, who signed the Contract with America, was part of the 1994 Republican takeover of the House, led by Newt Gingrich. Scarborough served on the Armed Services, Judiciary, Government Reform, and Education committees. In 1998, he was named Chairman of the Civil Service Committee.

Scarborough was one of a group of about 40 GOP freshmen legislators who dubbed themselves the "New Federalists" after the Federalist Papers. Scarborough was elected Political Director of the incoming legislators. The New Federalists called for sweeping cuts in the U.S. government, including plans to "privatize, localize, consolidate, [or] eliminate" the Departments of Commerce, Education, Energy and Housing and Urban Development, but were largely unsuccessful in their goals. Gingrich tapped Scarborough to head a Republican task force on education, and Scarborough declared "Our goal is to get as much money, power and authority out of Washington and get as much money, power and authority into the classroom as possible."
So why the sudden anger at O'Reilly?

Well, it seems that Bill O'Reilly has decided that MSNBC and ALL of its employees are just "too liberal" for America. Joe Scarborough, who is is obviously not a liberal at all, does not like being played by a man who constantly lies and spins the facts in order to praise the Republican party and degrade the Democratic party. And it looks like Joe just isn't going to take it anymore.

Welcome to reality, Joe; we are thrilled to have you here, standing with us on the side of the majority.


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