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Loud and Angry Voices...UPDATE!!!

3:30pm UPDATE: According to this article, George Bush told supporters of Allen at the fundraiser to "go to their houses of worship" and tell others to vote for George Allen.
The President says Allen, who faced criticism after he used an ethnic slur against a campaign worker for his opponent, "doesn't need a poll or a focus group to tell him what to think or what to say," adding, "there's a lot of rhetoric in these campaigns, a lot of needless noise in a campaign. A lot of time it's to obscure the fundamental issues..."

"I really want to thank you all for coming. I appreciate you contributing to his campaign, and I want to thank the grassroots activists who are here for what you're fixing to do. See, we're getting close to voting time. We're coming down the stretch. And for those of you who are going to be putting up the signs and making the phone calls and going to your houses of worship or community centers urging people to do their duty as an American citizen and voting for George Allen, I want to thank you."
Isn't that illegal? I'll check my sources, and please leave your input in the comments. I would like to get to the bottom of his ASAP. If George Bush is telling Allen supporters to act illegally, I think Virginia deserves to know.

The following is an account and pics from the protest outside of the Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond. I don't have a digital camera (but at this point, I am thinking of buying one this weekend) and I wanted to wait on posting about the event until I got some great pics. The pics and more are below, but I wanted to make something clear first for readers. Protests are looked at by some as a waste of time, innefective, "raunchy and profane", and flat out useless. Well, I say to them that if you don't think countering a protest is a good idea or worth your time, then you are really doing your cause or candidate a disservice. The conservative Richmond Times Dispatch reported that like I thought, the protest included at least 400 people. Every other report claims 100 protestors showed up, and only a half dozen Allen/Bush supporters bothered to attend. Democracy Now reported:
Thousands Protest Bush and Sen. Allen in Virginia
In Virginia, up to two thousand people held a demonstration Thursday at a fundraiser for Republican Senator George Allen attended by President Bush.
So, we can play the numbers game. I would say that in the time I was there, we had an average of 400 people protesting at any given time. There may have been more or less throughout the 3 hours I was there, but I cannot be entirely sure. What I am sure about is that this was the entire group who came to support Mr. Bush and Mr. Allen.What is especially sad about that group of 4-6 people was their attitude and lack of respect for freedom of speech. They actually believed that we should be made to leave, even though we had a permit and their group did not. They repeatedly whined to the police that the protestors were too loud, that we should go home and respect the event, and that we should be kept to one street corner like they were. Well, 400 people don't FIT on one corner. Finally, a woman had the absolute GALL to ask a policeman that we be tear-gassed bc we are the "minority". Huh? 400-6 is a MINORITY? I've seen her before, HUGE Bush/Allen supporter. When the police tried to force any protestors away from "the supporters' corner" with the threat of arrests and "consequences", the protestors moved away, and gave a report to the media and the event organizers. That policeman was soon moved closer to the museum, and the protestors were allowed back across the street.

While cars were still allowed to drive on Broad Street before it was shut down during rush hour so the president could disrupt everyone's commute (anyone think that gave Allen any extra votes?), we never once had silence. Thousands of people driving honked their horns and screamed. Many of the bus drivers honked, people waved and cheered, and some people parked and came to protest with us. A huge Bud Light truck joined in our screaming, and behind him a a caravan of city workers also honked and yelled. We had 2 cars drive by that told us we were wrong to protest. One man came to yell at us for profanity and our disrespect "for the children."

Sure...the pic IS profane, but it gets attention.

It certainly got this man's attention...enough for him to make an illegal U-Turn onto a blocked road in front of the entire Richmond city police force. He left quickly, and the sign stayed up the entire time.

As I posted last night on Raising Kaine, the biggest winner/hero yesterday for me was Brad Blanton. Mr. Blanton went right up to the cops (ALL of the city's force, so I hope no one was getting killed or raped, bc Allen prevented them from getting any help) and told them he was taking Allen's signs, bc they were illegally placed in the median. He told the cops they could arrest him if they wanted.

They let him take the signs. Priceless.

I think that the biggest losers yesterday (besides Mr. Allen and Mr. Bush, who certainly did not win any new voters-the same people who were going to vote for him before paying him for food at a science museum are going to vote for him) were the citizens and commuters of Richmond, VA. Our busiest streets and parts of I-95 and I-64 were shut down for long periods of time, and traffic in and around the city was horrible. The DMV was shut down for over 4 hours, which prevented the customer service to over 225 people. The Sceince Museum was closed all day. Many people with annual memberships made phone calls to demand their money back due to the closing of the museum for political reasons.

Basically, the majority of Richmond, VA was not happy to see the George twins. Well, I could have told them that would be the outcome. :)

I've included a couple more photos. I hope you enjoy them. And remember-get out and stand up for what you believe in, ALWAYS. Eventually, the majority wins.


Blogger Melissa said...

And for those of you who are going to be putting up the signs and making the phone calls and going to your houses of worship or community centers urging people to do their duty as an American citizen and voting for George Allen, I want to thank you."

That's just wrong! I don't think churches should be telling people who to vote for, Democratic or Republican. "Do your duty as an American citizen." Barf.

I LOVE your "my love is stronger than your hate" picture. Looks like it was a fun time.

PS: Someone told me yesterday that Bush was one of thier favorite Presidents EVER. Wtf??? I wanted to cry and throw up simultaneously.

5:08 PM  
Anonymous logical dem said...

Christ almighty, thanks for reminding me why I never go to protests. What a fine way to prolong the stereotype of the angry, unemployed leftist weirdo!

America finally starts trusting Democrats on defense issues, and we haul out unshaven geeks with profane signs. Super.

Please, wacktivists, we're so damn close this time! Just lock yourself up and listen to Air America for a few days. Lay low for a couple weeks, and we got this one. America doesn't need to be reminded that you nutjobs are on our side, OK? It'll all be over soon, I promise...

10:24 PM  
Blogger Jeremy said...

Nice writeup! Good to see Richmond bloggers documenting and reflecting on the event.

The VAWN announcement raised quite a crowd with remarkably little notice, so maybe next time all us Richmond bloggers can help coordinate a more focused protest next time.

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Susan said...

I'm pretty sure that democrats cannot suppress my free speech and I am still free to talk about whatever I want at church, and anywhere else.

Gotta love that old hippy-dippy scene. Those 60-somethings reliving their their anti-Vietnam protests of 40 years ago. What a bunch of nuts! Great example of Webb supporters for everyone to see.

Thanks guys!

4:07 AM  
Blogger Phriendly Jaime said...

Susan-You are completely off topic. I really hope you don't actually think this was a Jim Webb event. It most certainly was not. As stated previously by Jeremy, this was an event put on by VAWN and other groups I'm sure you have never heard of bc you are a war supporting Republican content to let others die for your fascist beliefs.

Churches cannot maintain tax free status if the politicize people or events, period. The IRS will be monitoring churches in Richmond closely after this public gaffe of Allen/Bush.

Logical Dem-calm down. Your anger makes it clear you are not logical or a Democratic supporter. The Democratic party does not want anyone "laying low"; we need as many votes as we can get to counter your party's election stealing tactics.

8:31 AM  
Blogger bamabikeguy said...


Yesterday we had another Benedictine for Peace Rally, and I told them the Webb-Allen race was the one to watch.
What is the story on those buses blocking the museum the other day? Charter or city or school?

Anyway, we discussed what you Virginians could do, AT ZERO COST.

Now is the time to have your locals write "LETTERS TO THE EDITOR", and the gist should be,

Especially down state, a daily well crafted letter in the "small town" papers. The gist is STILL THINKING? Well, think about Virginia winning by having one from each party.

Anyway, watching you guys carefully, please pass on the advise, like I said in the previous comment, this is a grassroots thing we used for Carter in 1976.

paul crabtree bama_bikeguy at yahoo

9:46 AM  

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