Saturday, October 14, 2006

Saturday Football Post

So, today is THE Ohio State Buckeyes game against the Michigan State University Spartans. If you follow college football at all, you know that a. Ohio State kicks everyone else's ass, and b. Michigan State is considered our "trap" game every season or so. Why? Because a couple of times, they pulled out a win against us, even while we were ranked way above them. So, today is a big day. Here's how I started my day:

Brunch at Sidewalk (the breakfast burrito is fuckin' unbelievable, and their Bloody Mary's aren't bad either)
Webb sign droppage (still more to do bc we have so many requests)
Grocery Store run for game beer
Chill beer, start some laundry, and get out the game chairs

I should add that today is a GREAT day in Richmond, Virginia; the weather is awesome, we got the National Folk Fest to go to later on tonight, Webb stickers and signs are more and more visible, and poll numbers are good. Rock on, VA, and rock on Jim Webb. Hope you have a chance to have a beer and catch some pigskin this weekend.

So, I will update as we move along today. Have a good one, Virginia, and as always; thanks for stopping by.

UPDATE by Thadd:
Jaime didn't mention our beers of choice. It bears mention, IMHO.
Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA
Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale

Moretti Dark

Good beer for a good game.

UPDATE II by Thadd:

Troy Smith just won the Heisman.

Wow WRIC, can't watch the end of the OSU-MSU game, 'cause you preempted it with Mizzou-A&M?!!

What is goin' on???


UPDATE IV by Jaime:
I do NOT like watching the game on the computer. It's not even the game, it's blocks of color moving down a "field" and reminding me what the score is.

I hate you, ABC.

UPDATE V by Thadd:
We have no one to worry about until Michigan. Period, dot com.


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