Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bobby Scott Endorses Jim Webb

I had read in the Richmond Free Press a few weeks ago that Rep. Bobby Scott had endorsed Jim Webb along with the Legislative Black Caucus. Today, I read that the endorsement is public and official.

From the Daily Press:
U.S. Rep. Robert C. Scott, D-Newport News, the state's only African-American congressman, formally endorsed Webb on Tuesday. Scott called Webb "an early warning voice against the war in Iraq."

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, George Allen is trying to "court the minority vote" (which is just offensive on its own, in my opinion) but he isn't having much luck. Why? People aren't showing up to events.
WOODBRIDGE -- For a Republican senator recovering from charges of racial insensitivity, Tuesday's breakfast at the Old Country Buffet seemed an opportune setting.

Sen. George Allen stopped by to pick up a community service award from the Frederick Douglas Republican Forum, a small, three-year-old multi-racial group whose aim is to woo African Americans to the Republican Party and to elect more black Republicans.

But when fewer than 30 people showed up, including only a handful of African-Americans, the challenge for Allen was clear: competing for the black vote against Democratic challenger Jim Webb would not be easy.
WOW. That sounds like George Allen's offensive "ethnic rally," which turns out was neither ethnic or successful.

Both George Allen and Jim Webb will speak at the NAACP convention this Friday evening. I'm pretty sure I know who will get more applause.
Allen and Webb will make public appeals for the black vote again Friday night in Hampton in separate appearances before the state NAACP convention. Each man will get about an hour to speak and take questions, a NAACP aide said.

With the Senate contest in a virtual dead heat, support from African-Americans voters could be critical in places like Hampton Roads, a key battleground region.
And what is most excellent is that more amd more citizens of the Commonwealth and members of the media are starting to get a grip and understand that Webb is RIGHT on the issue of Affirmative action.
Webb, a former Navy secretary, initially lost some support for having once equated affirmative action programs to "state-sponsored racism." He has said he supports affirmative action for African-Americans but believes diversity programs that encompass other minority groups should also include poor whites.
Webb's plans for the weekend? HUGE. Allen's? Well, he did something LAST weekend, does that count?
Webb plans to spend most of this weekend seeking the black vote in Hampton Roads, including visits to as many as 14 churches on Sunday. Allen attended a Hampton University football game last weekend.
Lastly, I get a sense that a Wilder endorsement may be coming up in the very near future for Jim Webb. Just a hunch, and this article makes me feel a bit more confident.
Allen had expected to appear Tuesday in Richmond with Mayor L. Douglas Wilder, the nation's first elected black governor, but Wilder canceled plans to attend and sent a top aide instead.
Looks like things are shaping up just fine for a Democratic takeover here in Virginia. At 21 days out, I am feeling pretty good. And I am definitely feeling better than Dick Wadhams, who is about to know what unemployment feels like. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm; I love the smell of fear and desperation in the morning, how about you?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reference to the event is Woodbridge is wholly inaccurate. In fact, I was there sitting next to the Dem spy who sat in the front row furiously taking notes. For the record, despite the fact that the event was at 7:30am, 25 African American leaders showed up, including myself. FYI: You do your candidate no favors by reporting events inaccurately. Such falsehoods create a false sense of security for the candidate and he is unable to adquately campaign. Report the truth!


10:20 AM  
Blogger Phriendly Jaime said...

Oh....did I strike a nerve? Sorry, the truth does tend to hurt. Take a look at this pic and then do a google serach on George Allen's ethnic rally. It's pretty much all negative, and he got roasted for it by many.

And believe me, Webb is not going to stop campaigning. What's YOUR candidate doing this weekend, hmmmmmmm?

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You haven't struck a nerve. I am just correcting the many falsehoods.

First, the ethnic rally is an event that has always been sponsored by the Fairfax County Republican Committee. Last year, the representatives of Kilgore, Bolling, and McDonnell attended. This year Allen, Davis and Wolf attended. Next year were our Republican slate will be front and center. I hope that you have the opportunity to attend. I am an African American leader who helped to organize the event and I know of what I speak.

Second, in regards to the Rally, Allen was solely "roasted by the bias left." Surprise. Surprise. Surprise.

Third, I'll tell you where my candidate has been doing for the last two weeks. He has running around sharing his positive message at events sponosored by many members of the minority community. He has attended at least 2 fundraisers sponsored by the Indian community, one by the Korean community, and one by the Tai community. He is scheduled to attend the upcoming NAACP event and will happily drive 3 hours to show my support.

Stop living with blinders on. The Republican party has taken more proactive steps to reach out to minorities. The Dems continue to take the minority (especially Black) vote for granted. More and more minorities are waking.

12:07 PM  
Blogger Phriendly Jaime said...

First-I will believe you when you post your name. Until then, you are an anonymous liar who has been banned from posting on many websites bc of your hatred and vitriole.

Second-Anyone who is for Webb is the biased left to you and your crowd, so tit for tat I guess.

Third-Great, you should show your support of your candidate. Is it ok for me to do the same? Or is Democracy a scary thing to you?

Lastly-you just said that the Republican committee of Fairfax County holds the ethnic rally every year. Now, who's courting the minority vote again? And no Dems are invited, so that doesn't seem like an ethnic rally, no matter what kind of spin you use. It is a REPUBLICAN rally. You said it yourself.

12:21 PM  

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