Monday, July 31, 2006

In other news, Jim Webb still needs some $$

I just wanted to take a brief moment tonight to remind you all that another very special candiate in a very special race in a very special state could also use some financial help. That special man is named Jim Webb, and he is running against Republican incumbent Senator George Allen. Yep, that's George Felix "I vote along the same lines as George Bush 97% of the time" Allen, and yes; he would like to be the next POTUS.

Now, I know most of you are scratching your heads, wondering whether or not I just signed up for DKos a few days ago. OF COURSE you have heard of Jim Webb! He is another fighting Dem, drafted by the Netroots! He won an ugly primary race with only 100 days of planning, garnering signatures, and collecting cash. He has been featured on the Colbert Report, he has liveblogged here on Kos, he has had many supporters live blog for him, and he gave the response to one of the president's many wonderful and inspiring radio adresses.

Jim Webb fought for this country his entire life, and since St. Patrick's day, I have been fighting for him. I hope you will fight with me; I hope you will fight for Jim.

I ask tonight that if you can find the time, the $$, and the momentum, please throw Jim Webb a bit of cash. I know the Lamont/Lieberman race is on everyone's mind right now, and I know how important that race is for Connecticut, the Democratic party, and the country. But Jim Webb's race is just as important. DO NOT DOUBT FOR A MOMENT that Jim Webb will fight his hardest to help us take back our country. And while it may be our "quiet time" right now, we still need your help. :)

Thanks all, and cheers!


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