Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sometimes, I don't have to say a word....

One of my guilty pleasures that I just cannot seem to break is visiting neo-conservative/ psychotic bat shit crazy websites just to remind myself how many more brain cells I have than some.  It is refreshing and good for the soul, though it can be very frustrating.  I have not gone so far as to sign up for any of the sites, as I am sure my time and effort would be for naught anyway; I am positive the first progressive minded comment I typed would result in me getting booted off the site for communism, and my personal info would probably be sold to the FBI. Then perhaps I would mysteriously "disappear."  But I wanted to share some "gems" I came across today on the subject of the UVA students and the recent arrests made.  For those of you unfamiliar with http://www.freerepublic.com, let me give you a brief rundown.  Here, I have provided some of the many falsities this site and its owners claim to adhere to:

Purpose: The Free Republic forum is intended for Conservative users who wish to have a serious discussion about political events, conservative principles and the elimination of government corruption and abuse. This is a news and information site not a chat room. Please stay on topic. Free Republic is a supporter of free speech on the Internet but we believe that along with the privilege of free speech comes the responsibility to respect the rights of others.  

Please remember to use courtesy when posting, refrain from personal attacks and do not use profane or obscene language. Your posts will be read by thousands of people and will be archived for years to come. Violation of these guidelines can cause your account to be suspended or revoked. Your Free Republic account cannot be used to engage in any illegal activity.

Suitability of Posts: Free Republic does not edit or censor user posts but does reserve the right to remove what it deems to be (in its own judgment) inappropriate posts or materials.

Well, I have noticed from my visits that anyone who does not fall in line with Bush's decisions and talking points are treated absolutely horribly, simply because their Republicanism or Conservativism is too "lite" for the crowd over at the freepers board.  Perhaps I am wrong; maybe when the kool aid starts running out, the locals get antsy.  Whatever it is, my point is this:  why are we still debating which party would be better at running the country?  Are we kidding ourselves?

Take a look at some of the comments from the thread pertaining to the strike at UVA...and then explain to anyone who supports the Conservative agenda how simple minded, ignorant, and flat out wrong their entire platform is and always will be until they pull their heads out of their asses.  The fact that they still call themselves the "party of compassion" is astounding.  Now remember-you won't learn anything from these people; in fact, you may be a little slow after you read their comments or visit their site.  But this is to make you feel better about yourself, and to remind you to give yourself a hand for being RIGHT whether you straddle the center or lean to the left.

The article:  

17 U.Va. Students Arrested After Sit-In(for a living wage for workers)

CBS News ^

Posted on 04/18/2006 9:05:55 AM PDT by John Geyer

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (AP) -- Seventeen student protesters were arrested Saturday at the University of Virginia on the fourth day of a sit-in seeking raises for the school's lowest paid workers.  The protesters are calling for a "living wage" of $10.72 an hour for 800 to 1,000 workers at the school. Last month, the university raised its minimum wage by 49 cents to $9.37 an hour.  The students were taken into custody without incident and were transported to the city jail to be booked on trespassing charges, activist Amy Kniss said.  University President John T. Casteen III met with the protesters earlier Saturday, but negotiations were at a standstill, said school spokeswoman Carol Wood. She said the students' presence in the administration building was disruptive.

"Casteen was clear throughout the four days that while he respected the work that the group has done and their dedication to it, he did not believe a sit-in in Madison Hall was the best way to produce those results," the university said in a statement.  Protest organizer Benjamin Van Dyne said he was appalled the university would "suffer the huge embarrassment of arresting its students before it honestly engaged in the issue of paying people a decent wage."  A similar living wage campaign at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg resulted in a 46-cent pay increase for full-time workers.

And now, the brilliant minds discussing the article:

If workers want a better wage, they need to get a better job.

Minimum wage -> unemployment. It's that simple.

Ha, ha! Who's holding down the poor now???

I have the perfect solution for both capitalists and socialists.  On their applications for admittance, put a question:  DO YOU WANT TO ADD 20% TO YOUR TUITION COSTS IN ORDER TO PROVIDE A LIVING WAGE TO OUR NON MANAGERIAL EMPLOYEES? [ ] YES  [ ] NO

Oh if only I ran things.  Let me do the math. 10.72 - 9.37 = 1.35.   So they are asking for a raise of $1.35 an hour or at a 40 hour week $54.00 a week or $2808.00 a year.  Let us go with the higher number (1000) of employees and that comes to $2,808,000 per year in additional expenses for the school.  But I honor the position these 17 students have taken so I will grant their request. However effective immediately their tuition will be raised by $165,176.48 a year so that they too may feel the warm glow of helping their fellow man.

"Dear Mummy and Daddy -- the Dean says that my tuition is going up. But that's OK, because the tuition increase will allow about 1000 workers to have a Living Wage. Isn't that neat? Of course, a lot of students aren't paying for it. There's just 17 of us who volunteered to foot the bill. So, I guess you'll be paying about 120,000 for my tuition next year. I don't really know how much that is -- it sounds like a lot -- but you can afford that, right? Toodles!"

These morons will have more credibility when they get out of school and start working for a living paying for the dumbed down people they want to have a "living wage". These folks don't make much money because they make poor decisions that keep them at the lower end of the wage spectrum.  But, you can't tell these morons, they already know it all.

They did the same stunt here at notre dame a few days ago. I propose a solution. Have the students who want higher wages for these people sign a petition. Then, raise the tutition on the students who signed the petition to pay for the wage increases. Problem solved!

I wish there was a way to simply tax the idiots. A little check mark - "Do you believe in communism or the redistribution of income to those who have less than you?" 'Yes: Put all your money in an envelope.' 'No: Drat -well, it was worth a try. Continue to question 2.'

That's just a sampling, folks.  Just a sampling of perfectly good brains and bodies that have been tainted and destroyed by idiocy.  What can we do?  We can never give up the good fight, and we can do our best to throw this type of ignorance and the multitude of ignorance that is sure to follow right back in their faces.  Get out there on these great internet"s"of ours that "Al Gore invented" and "let the eagles soar, like they've never soared before!!!!!!"  There is a wealth of resources that include other fabulous quotes like these touching on every fact of politics and world issues, and it just may help our cause to make a little compilation, and type it up and carry it around with you for busting out purposes when a moron tries to argue politics with you.  We can call it "The Best of Republican Stupidity" or "What Conservatives REALLY think about while they are watching Fox news and foaming at the mouth..."

Seriously...I think the more people who may just vote for the w(R)ong candidate because their parents do, or because they think they will have more $$, or because they don't know any better (c'mon, some people DO live almost under a rock, you know) just may change their mind if they are faced with the fact that they are surrounding themselves with a cult of fools.  I'm making one; will you join me?


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