Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I received a stern warning today...

Because I was unable to attend the Fairfax Independence Day Parade, I had the time to listen to Thom Hartmann on the radio. He is one of my favorite progressive voices, although he is an Independent (but the guy IS liberal, he's from the PRV).

In the course of his show today, he pointed out the potency of the immigration issue. Thom is one who believes, and I agree, that illlegal immigration is the second shoe of outsourcing, namely insourcing. It is being allowed at the rate it is to benefit corporations - all at the expense of workers and immigrants (who are being turned into indentured servants).

The warning concerned the CA-50 special election.

Thom pointed out that Busby's "gaffe" concerning undocumented residents making their voices heard by voluteering in campaigns, was made into a "poison" that ensured the re-election of the incumbent party, whose former standard bearer is a convicted felon.

Mark my words; they will beat us over the head with this issue. And we MUST do some jujistsu on these guys by championing the campaign against illegal EMPLOYERS.

In point of fact, 30 years ago we had undocumented workers in this country. They were called migrant workers; migrant because they came for the season to do agricultural jobs. But now they stay. They stay because the jobs do not go away.

More and more in this country, corporations have bought the government, stifled American wages (witness the minimum wage), and flooded the labor market with helpless, rightless, "guest workers".

We can, as Democrats, allay this disaster by innocualting ourselves to their "Straw Man"; we should go after the Conservatives' benefactors, point out the unfairness of temporary worker programs, and expose the quest for slave-labor sought by these money grubbing pigs!

I mean, really - guest worker?? So you can be disinvited, I assume.

The fact is, the Corporate Legislation states that if you complain about your treatment, your wages, or your hours..."see ya". And how is it POSSIBLY fair or CORRECT to allow starving folks from south-of-the-border to come here and work, attached to a corporation (without any rights), for 7 years, only to graduate to the status of "POOREST AMERICAN"???

Now, Jim Webb has it right on who to punish. He takes great pains to point out that "the old man who hires some guy to mow his lawn" is not causing this problem. That is spot on. But, the big employers, as Jim says, should be gone after and punished, punished like that pesky widdle kitty, Felix.

If anyone reading has the ear of the Campaign, please encourage them to tell Jim to lead with this issue. With his understanding of the duplicity inherent in the bigot-based arguments against immigrants, and how they have historically been used to divide us (Scots-Irish v. Blacks), he could turn this issue back to what it is all about: The rich stealing a decent life from the middle class.

I hope he does. Otherwise, this will be the "Gay Marriage" of 2006.


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