Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Speaking of abortion...and boobies...

This is just nuts to me.  Now, I obviously realize that neo-cons, Republicans, and their insane supporters are going to lie to anyone and everyone in order to get their way.  They will tell us that science is a myth, and that global warming still is in the hands of the jury, that WMD are buried somewhere bc they moved them bc big bad America came knock knock knockin...their game is not new. 

But the level they have sunk to gets worse and worse, day by day.

Apparently (and yes I have heard this before-I just didn't think people seriously believed it), abortion causes breast cancer.

I mean, DUH, right? That totally makes sense.  It's like how they want women to treat their bodies from puberty until menopause as if they were preparing for a pregnancy.  Well, I better put down the smokes and the wine, bc I guess even though I don't want a baby right now, I should be getting ready to have one.  Because they want me to.  And they are in charge.

Thankfully, the National Breast Cancer Association has a sense of humor.  They are taking a poll on who deserves the "biggest boob" award.  The winner will receive an award for their stupidity.

I voted, have you?


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