Wednesday, May 10, 2006

AWESOME News and Endorsements: Jim Webb Campaign

Well as of now, you know about George Allen's hatred of flying like the poor do. Well, he is about to hate something else, but this is a much bigger deal. Breaking news on some major endorsements from the James Webb campaign...This just in from the Webb campaign.

Democratic Senators Unite Behind Jim Webb

Democratic Leaders Reid, Durbin and Daschle among Senators Supporting Webb

Jim Webb received today support from seven past and present Senate Democrats including Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, former Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle, Senate Democratic Whip Dick Durbin, Senator and former Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Christopher Dodd, Senator Ken Salazar, Democratic Senator Tim Johnson and former Senator Max Cleland.

"Jim Webb is an American hero and a genuine leader who will candidly bring the issues to the attention of the people of Virginia instead of rubberstamping the failed agenda of this President," said Senator Cleland. "Democrats should do everything we can to get him elected to the Senate."

Jim Webb is a decorated Marine, former Secretary of the Navy and Assistant Secretary of Defense, an award-winning author and widely respected journalist.  Webb was awarded, among other decorations, the Navy Cross and Silver Star for valor as a Marine.

"Jim Webb will be a strong voice of the people in the United States Senate," said Senator Johnson. "As the Senator from South Dakota, I have a great deal of respect for the thoughtful way that Jim Webb connects his rural American roots to his vision for the Democratic Party. He is a unique candidate who can both clearly articulate Democratic values and compel voters across all demographics to vote Democrat."

"I am deeply grateful for the support of all of these Senators today. This group shows the diversity of support that will propel my campaign to victory over George Allen in November," said Webb. "They represent states from all four corners of America.  Their support demonstrates that our message can unify Democrats and expand the party.  These Senators are an important part of the Democratic Party and have been among the party's strongest leaders.  With their support, I look forward to beating George Allen and working with them in the Senate."

Fucking AWESOME news!


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