Monday, April 17, 2006

Proud to be a Democratic Woman

Good day, my fellow Americans, my fellow Virginians, and/or my fellow Democratic/Progressive/Liberal/Common Sense partners in crime.  I wanted to take this moment to give a personal thanks to all of you who have helped convince me to remain in a red state turning blue, as opposed to moving back to New Jersey, my already blue home.

I moved here to Richmond on July 1, 2002. I was working in New York City with a theatre group before I moved; my first day of work was 9/10/01. I watched the second tower explode from my seat on the bus on my way into the city for work, and like most people from the North closely involved, I will never forget the months after the attacks; the countless car searches, the chemical spills that would send an entire Borough into a panic, the fact that for 3 months, a firefighter could not pay for his own meal or drink anywhere in New York City, the tears and the hugs, the laughter and the hope. Realizing my priorities weren't exactly in the order I thought were important, I moved here to be with my boyfriend of 4 years. We were only supposed to be here for a year. Well, it'll be 2007 before we know it, and we are looking to buy a home somewhere in the city so I guess we are here to stay.

I was never actively involved in politics until the 2000 election, where I watched what little I understood about the American government and courts system be flushed down the toilet by the hands of powerful, pathetic (mostly rich and white) men. I watched as one African American after another pleaded for their voice to be heard, for their votes to be counted: they got nothing. I watched as America turned to a man never elected POTUS for guidance and help when faced with the worst tragedy in American history: we got nothing. I watched as our Supreme Court was hijacked twice, and while progressives made countless phone calls to their local politicians and sent hundreds of thousands of faxes and emails, well; we still got NOTHING. I watched as American's greatest tragedy was replaced with the new greatest tragedy known as Katrina, and I sobbed for the people whose lives were destroyed, and are now displaced across the country, their last hopes dwindling as they recognize the fact that they too, will get NOTHING.

Why bother expecting anything?

But here, somehow, HERE...a red state is slowly but steadily turning blue. Out of anger, hope, disgust, and even boredom, I became involved with the Tim Kaine campaign early on in the race. I walked, knocked on doors, made calls, delivered signs; I don't want a medal, because I did the same as many of you here writing and reading. But I want those who may be acting passively, who may not "have the time" to help, who may think that apathy is ok for Americans; I want you to think again. The only way we will change the direction of this country is to work for it, and to work HARD. We can win this fight, and our children and grandchildren NEED us to win this fight. The more Americans we can get elected to fight for the common good and the Constitutional principles we all hold dear, THE BETTER.

They call us "Angry Dems" like we should be embarrassed; excuse me, but the last time I checked, I am indeed a member of the Democratic Party, and yes, members of the MSM, the Republican/Conservative/"Just can't bring myself to vote for a librul" Party: I AM MAD. I am mad at your stupidity and reckless abandonment in times of tragedy. I am MAD at the deficit you have created. I am MAD that my friends in NOLA are still in a shelter in Texas, and my friends in NYC that died on 911 are in a graveyard, if they are lucky. I am MAD that so many young men and women are forced to say "Yes, sir" and smile bravely as they continue to fight an un-winnable war. I am MAD that you won't listen to me, and that whatever I say is deemed unimportant because I have a "D"listed on my registered voter card. I am MAD that people make less than a living wage, and I am MORE MAD that when a peaceful protest of said bad wages is held, Americans are arrested and placed in jail, which incidentally, costs the taxpayers more time and $$ in the judicial system. I am MAD that you lie, and I am MAD that your supporters claim polls don't matter. I am MAD in the morning, when Bush supporters call Washington Journal and whine that Democrats and the "librul media" hate the president for no good reason. I am MAD that you are willfully blind.

But, surprisingly, my anger quells a bit each day. With every moment of every day that the party of corruption, greed, arrogance, and ignorance makes yet another mistake, or commits an act of grievance upon global humanity, we take a small step towards democracy for America. Every time an American loses their job to an overseas worker, a pair of eyes is opened. The soccer mom whose daughter ends up pregnant and must walk the line of shame at the clinic may quietly vote Democratic while keeping it a secret from her husband. The Mexican woman good enough to pick our veggies, cook our food, clean our homes, and take care of our children just may call in sick on future election days. A young citizen may decide to find a way to serve his or her country that does not involve bullets and non-existent armor. Politicians may start working for the good of all, versus the good of the few. The country is slowly but steadily crawling out of the fetal position. And that, my friends, is the first step towards freedom, liberty, and justice for all.

Take this moment to make a pledge with me: promise me, and more importantly YOURSELF, that you will never be apathetic. Promise me that when you here ignorance in the form of rhetoric or talking points coming from the other side, that you will not sit silently while the anger wells up inside. Promise me that you will work some elections and help some new Democratic and Independent candidates get elected. Promise me that you will educate your children, family, friends, and even strangers on the importance of accountability and fair politics. Promise me that you will actively engage yourself and as many people as you can in the act of taking America back from the American hijackers. Promise me that you will not stop fighting.

Yesterday, April 16, 2006, Easter Sunday, was my 27th birthday. Help me celebrate the anniversary of the day I was brought into this world by turning this country back to the America we all know and love.

Remember: this country was founded on fighting for rights. And this fight, my friends, is what DEMOCRACY looks like.


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