Friday, March 09, 2007

The Dutch pave the way for Global Warming education

Lately, it seems that an ever-growing minority of Americans are the only folks to come out against Al Gore and the effects of Global Warming. While the opponents of the proven effects of Global Warming continue to dwindle in numbers, others around the world are embracing Al Gore and his scientific findings. The Netherlands have gone a step further by announcing that theatres throughout the country will air "An Inconvenient Truth" for FREE as a way to promote awareness and to continue to spread the facts. Planet Prosperity Foundation:
Dutch Run on Al Gore
MAASTRICHT, The Netherlands, March 9 /PRNewswire/ -- In a phenomenon never seen before in the world, cinema's throughout the Netherlands, are letting the public view the film "An Inconvenient Truth" for free.

Showing the film for free in cinemas, is the first initiative of a young new foundation called the Planet Prosperity Foundation.

Six weeks ago the foundation made itself known and publicly set itself a goal to show the film for free in 20 cities in the Netherlands. Not only for one day, but for four weeks in a row, starting March 8th.

Indeed yesterday the project started in 17 major cities, including cities like Rotterdam and The Hague. It immediately led to a run on the 50,000 free tickets that are available in the coming weeks.

The last few weeks the foundation already gained the public support of respected politicians and businesses while the media in the Netherlands gave it constant attention.

By showing the film for free the Planet Prosperity Foundation hopes to create more awareness among the general public about what is causing global warming and what the consequences of this process will be for people, nature and business alike in the near future if action is delayed.

Since the film is perceived by the public as an easy and understandable way to get informed on the subject of global warming, the foundation hopes that it's initiative will be followed in other countries.

By creating more awareness, the Planet Prosperity Foundation wishes to achieve that people will see that the inconvenient truth of global warming may prove to be a convenient opportunity to transform and successfully innovate our society.
I fully expect to see more cities and countries proposing the same plan. Facts that detail one of the greatest dangers to the entire world should be available to all, free of charge.


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