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UPDATE: Another huge guffaw-Ann Coulter's site now devoid of ads

UPDATE: The list of advertisors whom have pulled their ads has grown, so I expanded the list you will see below. Here is an awesome diary that covers the backlash and what has been going on in Coulter-Gate. Below is one of the most detrimental (to Ann, anyway) emails written in response to a plea to drop ads from Ann's site:
Dear -------,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This placement was handled by a third-party banner ad service and was in no way authorized or approved by NOVICA.

We have filed a complaint with the third-party banner ad service and have requested that our banner be pulled from that website immediately. Unfortunately, we cannot directly control how long our banner will remain there, but rest assured that we have taken steps to ensure that we will not pay a single dime related to the placement of our banner on that website.

Please feel free to pass along this message to anyone who might be interested in our position on this matter, as we are very concerned that there be any implied association between our company and that website.


Charles Hachtmann
END UPDATE (except for the expanded list)

As of 4:28 pm today (3/6/07), Ann Coulter's own website has two advertisements on it. TWO. That's it. Two measly, sad, pathetic ads. One is from the conservative book club, and the other is from the Young American's Foundation.

Last week, the site was chock full of numerous ads, including some big names. Here is a list of advertisers who have already pulled their ads from the heinous witch.
Sallie Mae
Dollar Rent-A-Car
University of Phoenix
Sallie Mae
Power Chord Academy
Gulf Gulf Coast Convention and Visitors Bureau
Yellow (subsidiary of United Online)
Wireless Foundation
Damn, Ann. That's a big ole chunk of change you no longer have, huh? Regret your "school yard taunt" yet? I doubt it. I don't care though; no apology in the world could be better than watching her lose her place as the conservative queen of hate.

The full story and a list of advertisors who have yet to pull their ads can be found here


Blogger Nate de la Piedra said...

and good times were had by all.

Oh, don't forget, she also has some google ads up, you know the ones where the advertisers don't get to pick which sites they go up on.

6:26 PM  
Blogger DougHed said...

Well, I know we are supposed to love our neighbor, turn the other cheek, etc. (not that I would live near her), but maybe this will be the time she realizes what she has done. Last night she said the word "faggot" is not offensive. I wonder if she would go hold signs with Fred Phelps, or if she thinks Matthew Shepard's friends and family feel the same.

Shame on her, but maybe this is a chance for her to grow up.

7:26 PM  
Blogger Beltway Progressive said...

Will she call Dick Cheney's daughter a faggot? Ironically, if she did, Edwards would be the one supporting Cheney.

10:08 PM  
Blogger AnonymousIsAWoman said...

Well, it's 3:45 on Weds., March 7 and the only ads on her site appear to be from YAF and conservative books by rightwingers about as crazy and obnoxious as she is.

I'd say she's losing some serious revenue.

3:42 PM  
Anonymous PM said...

Coulter drops two more bombs.

6:17 PM  
Blogger SpunkysMum said...

Well, thanks for posting this list. I hope it's accurate - I'd hate to send a letter to a company telling them why I am avoiding their product like the plague and find out later that that company didn't really pull their ads from Ann's site after all.

But I guess it's a chance I'll take.

5:33 PM  
Blogger Phriendly Jaime said...

Oh, shut up.

I have less than zero patience for previously anon pathetic bloggers who masquerade as someone else so that they can link back and high five their fellow idiots and then claim I lied to them. Why don't you try to get me fired, too?

Seriously, are you kidding? I CAN check IP addresses....

6:59 PM  

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