Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Al Gore - it's only a matter of time

I know most of you think I am crazy for holding out hope that Al Gore will run for President in 2008. I accept it and I am not offended. Why should I be? I realize we are all going to have a different favorite for the primary, and I know that the lead up to this election season is going to be long and painful. I think many people are tired of the talk already.

But please note; I am not the only American holding out hope for a re-election of Al Gore.

As you can see from this poll, more and more Americans are coming home to Al Gore. His positives are growing steadily, and he is gaining momentum on the heels of the Democratic favorites. In fact, the only Democratic candidate he is behind in the "favorable opion of" category is Barack Obama. He leads Hillary Clinton and John Edwards, and he has less unfavorables that Clinton does.

Additionally, 482 Democrats and Democratic leaners were asked to answer the following question:
Please tell me which of those candidates you would be most likely to support for the Democratic nomination for President in the year 2008, or if you would support someone else.
Here are the results for March 2-4, 2007:
Hillary Clinton - 36% (down 4% from the poll conducted last month)
Barack Obama - 22% (up 1% from the poll conducted last month)
Al Gore - 18% (up 4% from the poll conducted last month)
John Edwards - 9% (down 4% from the poll conducted last month)
Joe Biden - 3% (up 2% from the poll conducted last month)
Wesley Clark - 2% (up 1% from the poll conducted last month)
Bill Richardson - 1% (down 3% from the poll conducted last month)
So, that's good news for Gore, in my opinion. But check out what happens when those same people were asked to name their second choice for POTUS:
(Asked of Democrats and independents who lean to the Democratic Party who named a candidate they support for the Democratic nomination in 2008) Who would be your second choice?
The asnwers may surprise you...
Hillary Clinton - 59% (down a whopping 8% from last month's poll)
Barack Obama - 43% (up 1% from last month's poll)
Al Gore - 34% (up a whopping 8% from last month's poll)
John Edwards - 21% (down 5% from last month's poll)
Joe Biden - 4% (down 1% from last month's poll)
Bill Richardson - 4% (down 3% from last month's poll)
Wesley Clark - 3% (exact same from last month's poll)
So there you have it. Make fun of me if you wish, but the numbers are clear. If Gore's momentum keeps growing the way it has, and if he remains one of the more favorable candidates without even announcing, he will be the Democratic nominee for 2008. Bag it and tag it.


Anonymous Ghost of A.L. Philpott said...

he's not running


12:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I post as WestEndED on NLS, donm't ahve an account here, but what is the point of the Draft Gore banner? I mean, should it not be linked to a pettion or somehting?

3:24 PM  
Blogger AnonymousIsAWoman said...

I would join a draft Gore movement in a New York minute, Jaime. But I don't think he's going to run. At least not for president, and not this year.

I've posted it on RK in the past. I think he feels freer to speak his mind and embrace just the causes that he has the most passion for as a free agent.

If he had to run for president, he would have to run on a host of issues, which would dilute his attention to environmental causes, which are really his true love.

Finally, he's told allies, such as the AFL-CIO, that he wasn't running and that freed them to back other candidates. That would put their leaders in an awfully awkward spot if Gore announced now.

Also, as I said elsewhere, when I see Peter Knight and Roy Neel being contacted, I'll know Gore has seriously changed his mind and is considering it. Not when Donna Brazile or Elaine Kamarck say so. They are not his Tennessee insiders.

Sorry to burst your bubble. And mine because I agree he'd be the best candidate. He would've been a terrific president.

3:30 PM  
Blogger Phriendly Jaime said...

WestEndEd-it used to be....I will take a look at what happened, and thanks.

AIAW-Yeah, I did hear that as well. I still hold out hope though! Maybe you and I can celebrate someday soon!!!

3:33 PM  
Anonymous whackette said...

Oh, please no!

4:00 PM  

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