Friday, February 09, 2007

You're a complete idiot if you are buying into/pushing the Pelosi smear.

Seriously, sorry to be harsh, but you are just uninformed and pretty pathetic. You should probably learn how to do research, and maybe you should even listen to the WH press secretary, who declares the Pelosi smear is "silly".
"This is a silly story and I think it's been unfair to the speaker," White House spokesman Tony Snow said....(he) said the negotiations over Pelosi's transport have been conducted solely by the House sergeant-at-arms and the Pentagon, with no direct involvement by the speaker or her office — or the White House.
Go here, here, and here for an excellent breakdown of why all Pelosi smearers are flat out wrong and should cease and desist before they make even bigger asses of themselves than they already have (if that is in any way possible).


Anonymous Terry said...

I don't think it is. Slowing debate on Iraq to do investigations into how Pelosi travels.


1:31 PM  

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