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OMG Update: When will Virginia Republicans stop embarassing Virginia?

UPDATE: This is INSANITY. Hargrove should resign, plain and simple, after today's remarks. Thanks to Ben at NLS for the update and audio link available here.

UPDATE from the AP:
RICHMOND, Va. -- A state legislator's statement that black people "should get over" slavery and questioning whether Jews should apologize "for killing Christ" caused furious and tearful denunciations Tuesday before stunned lawmakers.

Del. Frank D. Hargrove, in defending himself, told one of his critics, a delegate whose Jewish ancestors immigrated from Nazi-occupied Poland, that "your skin is a little too thin."

Hargrove, 79, in an interview published Tuesday in The Daily Progress of Charlottesville, voiced opposition to a measure apologizing on behalf of the state to the descendants of slaves.

In the interview, Hargrove, R-Hanover, said slavery ended nearly 140 years ago with the Civil War and added, "I personally think that our black citizens should get over it."

The newspaper also quoted him as wondering aloud, "are we going to force the Jews to apologize for killing Christ?"

Black House of Delegates members swiftly denounced the comments Hargrove made on the holiday commemorating the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

"When somebody tells me I should just get over slavery I can only express my emotion by projecting that I am appalled, absolutely appalled," said Del. Dwight C. Jones, head of the Legislative Black Caucus.

Del. David L. Englin, D-Alexandria, seated next to Hargrove, spoke passionately about his grandparents leaving Poland "where they were driven from their homes by people who believed that as Jews, we killed Christ."

As he held up a wallet-sized photo of his 7-year-old son, Caleb, Englin struggled to keep his composure as he pondered the possibility that the child might have to cope with anti-Semitic comments.

When Englin sat, Hargrove reached over and softly patted Englin on the arm. Then, Hargrove rose to speak and, looking down at his seatmate, said, "I didn't even know you were Jewish, I had no idea of what your religion, (and) I don't care what your religion is. I don't care."

"I think your skin was a little too thin," he said as Republicans and Democrats gasped and groaned in disbelief.
END UPDATE...for now...

When will Virginia Republicans stop embarassing Virginia?

Apparently, the plan is NEVER. I don't neeed to go into the specifics of Jim Gilmore, George Allen, Virgil Goode, Tom Davis, and the scads of other Virginia Republicans who cannot keep their mouths shut nor act like decent Americans, but I DO need to help spread the lastest news focusing on Virginia Republican bigotry. Actually, strike that; this is flat out racism. But before we move on to Republican craziness and intolerance, let's take a look at Democratic opinion and level headed behavior:
RICHMOND - A resolution to have Virginia apologize for slavery will encounter some opposition in the House of Delegates this month, according to legislators.

The highly symbolic issue likely to spark debate is a proposed state apology for African enslavement sponsored by black Virginia lawmakers, at least two of whom are descended from slaves.

“It is meant to be a resolution that is part of a healing process, a process that still needs to take place even today in 2007,” said one sponsor, Del. A. Donald McEachin, D-Henrico County.

“No one is asking any individual to apologize, because certainly there are no slaveholders alive today and there are no slaves alive today,” said McEachin, whose great-grandfather was born a slave.

“But Virginia is alive and well, and Virginia was built on the backs of slaves, and Virginia’s economy boomed because of slavery, and it is Virginia that ought to apologize,” he said.
Makes sense to me. In fact, it makes sense to other Democratic party members of Virginia, as we can see:
Virginia, which received its first slaves at Jamestown in 1619, would be the first state to formally apologize for slavery.

Gov. Timothy M. Kaine, a Richmond Democrat, apologized for slavery while mayor of Richmond, said Kevin Hall, Kaine’s press secretary. “He wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to it and certainly he’s got a history of being able to act while in office,” Hall said. A governor’s approval is not required for passage of a joint legislative resolution.


Sen. R. Creigh Deeds, D-Bath County, said the issue is symbolic but that from 1619 to 1863 many Virginians were denied their citizenship.

“I think it’s appropriate and I am going to vote for it,” Deeds said.
Excellent. It's nice to see that Virginia Democrats aren't nuts. However, the same cannot be said for Virginia Republicans, most notably Del. Frank D. Hargrove, R-Glen Allen, who has represented Hanover County in the House of Delegates since 1982 and will hopefully be ousted from his seat ASAP.
“The present commonwealth has nothing to do with slavery,” said Del. Frank D. Hargrove, R-Glen Allen, whose ancestors were French Huguenots who came to America in search of religious freedom.

How far do these calls for apologies go, wondered Hargrove, a member of the House Rules Committee that could take up McEachin’s resolution as early as Wednesday.

“Are we going to force the Jews to apologize for killing Christ?” Hargrove wondered.


Hargrove said raising the issue is not only symbolic, but “I think it’s counterproductive.” Other Republican delegates kept their views off the record.

“I personally think that our black citizens should get over it,” Hargrove said of slavery, which existed in Virginia from 1619 until the Civil War. “By golly, we’re living in 2007.”
Sigh. So the embarassment continues. Thanks to The Richmond Democrat for the latest news on Republican bigotry alive and well in Virginia.


Blogger Bill Garnett said...

Thanks for your post. What possibly is the argument or the mind set that would oppose such a seemingly compassionate effort to span the continuing racial divide in our state?

1:07 PM  
Blogger Generation Next said...

“I personally think that our black citizens should get over it,” Hargrove said of slavery, which existed in Virginia from 1619 until the Civil War. “By golly, we’re living in 2007.”

Holy crap, why would you even SAY that on record if you were a political figure, even if you did really think it?

1:47 PM  
Blogger Phriendly Jaime said...

I guess so, gen next. It really is frightening, no?

2:00 PM  
Blogger Frank said...

This reminds me of General Assembly members comments in the late '50s and early '60s. It made me ashamed to be a Virginian then and makes me ashamed to be a Virginian now.

4:45 PM  
Blogger republitarian said...

This is so silly.

Del. Englin pushes the tear button in order to manipulate people to his position. Sickening.

9:55 AM  
Anonymous Truth hurts said...

You know, I almost hate to say it for fear of being ostracized in this too politically correct world that we live in but he's exactly right. I'm sure that there is a much nicer way of saying the same thing but people come on - I (We) didn't have slaves. Personally, I would have been against it. I (We) didn't kill the (Indians). If you know the bible at all you know that certain Jews (not the ones alive today) were responsible for having the "Christ" crucified but it had to that way. Jews can still go to heaven as can anyone who asks for forgiveness and follows the risen Christ.

11:34 PM  
Blogger Phriendly Jaime said...

You miss the point, "truth hurts". WE don't have to apologize as individulas; the state of Virginia which actively particpated in slavery should apologize as a symbolic gesture.

8:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Del Hargrove is 100% right! I am glad someone finally stood up and said it. I sure as hell don't see Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton (the Judge, Jury and Excutioners) making any apologizes to the innocent Duke Lacrosse players.

12:37 PM  
Blogger Phriendly Jaime said...

I see your ploy, and so sdo all of the other Dem bloggers. You think that if you all refuse to blog on the subject and just fill our comments up with anon "agreements" you will somehow be right. Nice try, one of the "castles."

Now go to the top, and tell my why George Allen was going to make a public apology and none of you said fucking boo.

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Job Delegate Hargrove. I wish we had 100 more Delegates in the Commonwealth that had HALF the guts that you do. Keep it up. EXACTLY - Where is Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? They come in, make an accusation and leave.....they need to apologize for trying to ruin 3 innocent men.

12:57 PM  
Blogger Phriendly Jaime said...

Wow, what an incredibly uninformed, ridiculous comparison. I actually agree with you, and I think the Duke affair was ridiculous, but trying to tie that in to this situation is borderline retarded.

Tell me, your thought on allen apologizing, please? Or am I just to accept that Republicans are always right, even if you disagree?

1:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hell no, George Allen should not have apologized either. This is not about Dems/Reps or any other party (at least for me). It is about being sick and tired of living in a PC world that is hurting our world.

Damn right, get over it!!!!!!

1:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is exactly part of the problem, Miss Phriendly Jaime. What you call "incredibly uninformed, ridiculous comparison" is your head stuck up the PC world. Pull it out and your will smell the fresh air.

Dem/Rep/Libs who cares. Lets do what is right for a change. Fix roads, better education, support or troops and stop WASTING time making "I am sorry" for things that happened 400 yrs ago.

If that is borderline retarded, stick your head back up your ass.

1:14 PM  
Blogger Phriendly Jaime said...

YES, looks like the swaction is BACK! Whats the matter-mad that we don't bother with your "blogs" anymore?


3:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No apology is necessary. It is time for the blacks to get on with the problems all of us face in 2007. Slavery was an institution of the past and had it not existed blacks would probably still be in Africa.

8:43 AM  
Blogger Phriendly Jaime said...

Go make a win the war sign and stop missing the point, anonSwaction.

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

phriendly jaime says we are missing the point. The truth of the matter is she lacks reality. Blacks need to overcome their mis-informed idea that Virginia or anyone owes them anything.

3:21 PM  

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