Friday, January 05, 2007

Katie Couric smacks down Virgil Goode

The attacks on Virgil Goode just keep on comin'. As reported yesterday, Goode's office window was "vandalized" by a pretty funny person who is awesome at stenciling. Additionally, Virgil Goode was asked out for coffee by the man he demonized, Rep. Ellison, which proves that one of our own new Democratic Representatives in the United Sates Congress is taking the high road with class and integrity.

Now, one of the few people who can help get this story covered and watched by Virginians and Americans alike who may have missed this atrocity, speaks out.

America is, of course, a profoundly religious country. But it comes as a surprise to many people that America is about the only nation founded without one dominant kind of faith. The Founders believed that every religion should be practiced without prejudice. So it’s disappointing today that a new member of the House of Representatives continues to be attacked simply for practicing his faith.

Keith Ellison, an African-American Islamic convert from Minnesota, announced that he would take his oath of office with a Koran rather than a Bible—actually, a Koran that belonged to that famous anti-American Thomas Jefferson, who collected texts from many religions. Congressman Virgil Goode of Mr. Jefferson’s Virginia (my home state—which, in this case, I’m embarrassed to say) announced that he wouldn’t touch the Koran, wants to prevent Muslims from immigrating to this country, and strongly implied that Muslims can’t represent American values.

It’s hard to see how these position are helpful to winning the war on terror—which requires that the vast majority of Muslims, who are moderate, and practice what President Bush has called “a religion of peace,” believe that America is attacking terrorists and not them.
WOW. Thanks, Katie! To be honest, I didn't expect Lady Couric to be one of the members of the MSM to jump on this latest atrocity caused by a Republican. I especially didn't expect it since the Republican party on a whole has refused to denounce Goode's not so good behavior.

But as NLS reports, it looks like there is a very good reason...
Couric is the sister of the the legendary Emily Couric who was the most dynamic leader to come out of the 5th District for the Democrats in our lifetime. If this local media picks up on this, it will have a lasting impact on Virgil.
Emily Couric was a well liked and respected leader of Virginia's Democartic party. She died at the age of 54 to pancreatic cancer, after dropping out of the race for the nomination for lieutenant governor after her cancer was diagnosed in July 2000. Courageously and admirably, she stayed in the Senate and took on the co-chairmanship of the state party even as she began an aggressive regimen of treatment.

Katie Couric has done Virginia and America proud by doing her part to keep this story alive. I thank you Katie, and the Democratic party of Virginia appreciates every effort made to keep this latest embarassing story of the Republicans of Virginia in the limelight.

If you are so inclined, drop Katie an email and let her know that yes; we on the Democratic side, the MAJORITY side, appreciate when our stories are told. Can't hurt, right?

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Blogger Catzmaw said...

Yep, Katie's actually from good old Democratic Arlington and is a graduate of Yorktown HS. She still has family around here. It wasn't a surprise that she denounced Goode. Glad she identified herself as a Virginian and made her feelings clear on the national stage. I like your idea of a thank you e-mail.

6:59 PM  

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