Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Webb responds to Kerry joke gone wrong

As always, Jim Webb speaks the truth and gets his point across.  Meanwhile, Allen beat-down of his own constituent is still all over the news.


SALEM, Va. Democratic U-S Senate candidate Jim Webb defended the caliber of U-S troops in Iraq today at an appearance in Salem.

Speaking to reporters following a rally with veteran's administration workers, Webb responded to remarks made yesterday by Senator John Kerry urging students to study hard or they could wind up in Iraq.

Webb said there are a lot of -- quote -- "really, really fine and educated people in the United States military." He said an example is his son, who had three years at Penn State before going into the military.

Webb would not comment on whether Kerry should apologize for his remarks.

Kerry has said that he had botched a joke and his comments were misconstrued, but Webb said -- quote -- "he needs to work on his punch line."

Eat it, Allen camp.  Now, can we talk about Iraq, please, or do y'all have people to pummell to the ground and throw into a glass window?


Blogger DougHed said...

Did you all catch Andrew Sullivan and Christopher Hitchens (yes, that douche) just lay into the news even covering Kerry while a US Soldier is still missing?

Sully is now endorsing Jim. Sounds like he's completely had it and seen the light.

9:26 PM  

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