Monday, October 30, 2006

DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY from George Allen and his sleazy campaign

Desperate after losing a massive polling advantage to Jim Webb, the George Allen camp is clearly cracking under the pressure of Jim Webb's well fought, honorable campaign.

After George Allen's desperate book-burning smear backfired and political watchers across the country denounced George Allen's gutless and hackneyed attack, it appears that the George Allen campaign is back wallowing even deeper in the muck.

This morning, conservative blog "Too Conservative" posted an unfounded, allegation/question "Did Jim Webb Plagarize? ... More Coming". True desperation can be found here.

Sources tell us that this story has been widely shopped by the George Allen campaign. No reputable source would run with George Allen's  desperate book burning smear, so it ran on extreme right-wing blog "The Drudge Report". Since is was a direct release of the George Allen campaign, it blew up in his face.

Now, the George Allen campaign is trying to distance itself from allegations that is has been shopping to the press.

Do not allow George Allen to escape without being held accountble.  George Allen's new desperate plagarism smear must be tide directly to him.

The cause of this is that George Allen doesn't want to be held accontable. He doesn't want to be held accountable as a rubberstamp, voting with George Bush 97% of the time. He doesn't want to be held accountable for blindly following George Bush into a failed war in Iraq despite Jim Webb's personal, prescient warnings against this foolish war of choice. George Allen doesn't want to be held acountable for siding with only the richest few in America, while allowing the working familes to stagnate and founder.

George Allen doesn't want to be held accountable for any of this.

He was held accountable for his desperate book burning smear, it hurt, and now he doesn't want to be held accountable as he tries to float his new desperate plagarism smear.

Hold George Allen accountable. Demand that Too Conservative cite his source for this new, desperate lie.

Demand that Editorial Boards renounce their endorsements of George Allen (below).

And work tirelessly in this last week to hold George Allen accountable at the ballot box and send Jim Webb to the United States Senate.


Bristol Herald Courier
Harrisonburg Daily News Record
Kingsport Times-News
Richmond Times-Dispatch
Richmond Voice
Sun Gazette Newspapers(Northern Virginia)
The Virginia Mountaineer
Winchester Star
The WashingtonTimes
The Free-Lance Star

Submit your call for a retraction to one or more newspapers: Take a moment and halp Jim Webb


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