Monday, October 30, 2006

Newest Allen Smear

Well, we all know that after the latest polls today, George Allen will have no choice but to continue baseless and vicious attacks on Jim Webb. I went through google news, and found the next "bombshell" the George Allen campaign will undobutedly drop on Virginians in their quest to make our state the laughing stock of the political arena.

In an article posted on WBDJ7, a reporter conducts an interview with Jim Webb and does a profile on him. She promises to provide a profile on George Allen tomorrow.

But, who cares? The race is over, the George Allen campaign will cry, because of this "gaffe" from the article:
Webb is no stranger to war. His service in Vietnam earned him the Navy Cross, two Purple Hearts and other medals. After the war, he drifted towards the Republican party on national security issues, serving as Secretary of the Navy under President Ronald Reagan. In 2000, he even endorsed Senator Allen. Six years later though, Webb believes it's the Democratic Party that's Virginia's best bet for the future.

"When I was 24 years-old the average CEO of a corporation made 20 times what the average worker made. Today the average CEO makes 400 times what the average worker makes. I mean, that's just not right," he said.

To even the score, Webb wants to close federal tax loopholes companies use to avoid paying taxes. He'd also like to see pay-as-you-go spending in Washington.

"They're running this ad that says I'm in favor of raising taxes for every Virginian by $2,000," Webb said. "It's just a bunch of crap. Don't believe the ads."
Oh, SNAP. We're done, stick a fork in us, because Jim Webb used the word crap.

Just giving you a preview of the George Allen spin machine tomorrow.

You're welcome.


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