Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Richmond Free Press Endorses Jim Webb

Today, after the awesome endorsement by Richmond Mayor Douglas Wilder (former Governor of Virginia) for Jim Webb for Senate over George Allen, comes the very appreciated and very influential endorsement from Virginia's most popular and prominent African American newspaper, the Free Press. The write-up is fantastic, to the point, and pretty devestating for George Allen. The opening statements:
We're for Webb

The Free Press strongly endorses Democrat Jim Webb for the U.S. Senate.

We practice straight talk. And we boldly walk the talk.

Therefore, we straight out offer our foremost reason for backing Mr. Webb with all of our might.

The reason: To kick George Allen out of Washington.

He deserves nothing less.

George Allen has had more than enough opportunity to serve his adopted state and the nation.

Virginia voters gave him the opportunity to represent the best interests of all people as a state a governor...and as a senator.
WOW. Pretty straightforward, huh? Oh, but wait for it; because it gets better.
We have talked in-depth with Mr. Webb. We have had many conversations with Sen. Allen and witnessed his general reckless, mean-spirited disregard for doing the right thing.

We are convinced that Mr. Webb's bold candidacy for change represents our best hope to help cleanse Virginia and the nation of vulgar immorality, unbridled hypocrisy, widespread corruption, boundless ineptitude and sickening disrespect for human rights and the American ideals.
I told you it was good. Read on:
Mr. Webb's opposition to the war in Iraq - before and four long, cruel years later - shows his independence and his potential for continuing to stand strong to get the nation back on the right course.

Additionally, a Webb victory would have a positive impact far beyond the Commonwealth. It holds the prospect of returning the important system of checks and balance to Washington, where the Reupblican party now holds control of all three branches of government. What this amounts to is an anti-people oligarchy that only functions in the interests of the high and mighty.
They also take a moment to send a message to those who may be opposed to Jim Webb and in favor of George Allen:
We would be remiss if we did not address those misguided people - the most conspicuous among them, state Sen. Benjamin J. Lambert III - who unbelievably overlook the wicked Allen record and accept Allen promises in order to rationalize their support of the re-election of Sen. Allen, an indisputable enemy of just causes. What they should understand - but seemingly do not - is that their support of an unworthy candidate such as Sen. Allen only breeds other unworthy politicians who feel they can degrade and stamp out the liberties of people - and make that unforgivable record disappear through a simple apology.

We are encouraged by the fact that the large majority of people cannot be fooled.

We should always make the distinction between those who fight to remove human suffering and those who inflict suffering.

We can take a huge step to end the pain and suffering on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

Therefore, the Free Press respectfully and urgently recommends that voters turn out in full force for Jim Webb.

We must fire George Felix Allen.
Damn. If I could make that into a commercial or a PSA, I would. Great endorsement, and many thanks to the Free Press for telling it like it is. Remember, pholks - after the election of Jim Webb over George Allen for U.S. Senate, I propose a fundraising effort to get the Free Press online. It is a wonderful paper, and they deserve to have their words "on the internets." I'll keep everyone posted.

Thanks again to Free Press editor Ray Boone, and the entire staff. We appreciate it, and extend our deepest gratitude.


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