Saturday, October 28, 2006

THE Ohio State Buckeyes: Gameday

UPDATE: God, I hate Comcast. Off to the bar, since Virginia is apparently afraid to let people watch a WINNING team, so they can feel better about their own state teams.

What an awesome day; we're rocking some true fall weather, finally, and the craziest election ever is almost over. When you've been working an election since February, the last 10 days before the big day in November are enough to age you about 16 years, so Saturday football and beer is a welcome holiday.

Beer choices of the day:
Sierra Celebration Ale
Dogfish 60 Minute Ale

And now, a short history lesson...

A long time ago, George Allen was one of the worst quarterbacks any team has ever had to put up with. Why was he even allowed to play? Well pholks, George Allen was born with a silver spoon in his mouth AND his ass, and his daddy was "important". So, George Allen was given special privileges, even though he once threw 5 interceptions in one game. I tried to find all of his UVA football stats, but SHOCKINGLY they were not available. Wow-just like the divorce records belonging to George Allen. Interesting...and pathetic.

Please take a moment, and compare George Allen's abysmal football record with the record of Ted Ginn. Then, laugh hysterically, and remember what it REALLY means whenever you see George Allen holding his precious football.

That's why I am a proud Buckeye fan. The team is great, the coach is phenomenal, and there is an undisputed Ohio State Buckeye passion and camraderie not seen in all fanbases.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure, the Buckeyes have a good team this year, but who wants to watch them play the equivalent of a girls powder puff team? Did you even graduate from OSU, or anywhere for that matter? It's spelled privilege by us learned folk. And viewpoint is one word. That is all.

5:16 PM  
Blogger Phriendly Jaime said... what's the problem? And where did I mention a viewpoint?

BTW-stop hating OSU bc they are better than the Hokies. It's sad.

6:07 PM  
Blogger Thaddaeus Toad said...

Hey 6:16, before you let your brain shit all over my blog, try being accurate.

First off, the Buckeye schedule is hardly fluff. We will have played the number 2 team in the country twice, BEFORE we play in the national championship game.

Second, who ever wrote the word "viewpoint"?

Third, the word was written as "privilege", check your homework before you ask me me to crawl up your ass with you.

7:32 PM  

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