Saturday, November 11, 2006

Ohio State at Norwestern

The weather will be much worse than last year's game in Columbus, and the Buckeyes' flight was delayed last night, but I don't think the Scarlet and Gray are gonna be jet-lagged. After lask week's tepid performance, a performance some have said may have been tamped-down to keep good film out of Michigan's hands, the Buckeyes should come out blasting.

The weather is terrible in Evanston today...advantage: Offense. I look for Troy to throw it, 10-20 yarders all day. Make the defense play zone, then open it up to Ginn with man-to-man.


In other areas of the nation:
USC-Oregon: Quack!

Michigan-Indiana: That'll be ugly.

Tennessee-Arkansas: Go Hogs.

'Bama-LSU: Tide rolls.

And of course Tech hosts Kent State: I don't even wanna look. "Tin soldiers and Hokies comin'..."


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