Wednesday, November 08, 2006

BREAKING(ish) - Hotline calls for and expects a George Allen concession


November 08, 2006
Republicans Will Pressure Allen... Soon

Top Republicans in Washington will give Sen. George Allen a few days to take stock of his legal and political options before beginning to pressure him to concede to James Webb. Senior Republican officials and White House aides believe that Webb won the race. Several outside advisers to Allen want him to make the decision quickly; others in his campaign want to make sure that there's no chance a cache of new votes will turn up. One question: when will (will?) the AP call the race? [MARC AMBINDER]
I have said ALL DAY today that Bush never would have fired Rummy if he thought they had a chance to keep the Senate.  The press conference about Allen given by Ed Gillespie was a block away from my apartment, and I was there watching respectfully with my Webb sticker proudly displayed.  The look of defeat from Gillespie and Wadhams was clear and easy to see.

George Allen, please do not drag Virginia through the political circus for one more day.  The votes are in, they have been counted, and Jim Webb is the winner.  Please, in your last days as Senator of Virginia, respect your constituents.

Thank you.


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