Thursday, November 16, 2006

George Allen's sister writes sexy stuff; proves she doesn't know what a comb is

So THAT'S why the Allen camp attacked Senator-elect Jim Webb's books; they were afraid Allen himself would be questioned about his sister's dirty book.
Sen. George Allen’s sister wrote steamy short stories
By Emily Heil

In the final throes of Sen. George Allen’s failed reelection bid, the Virginia Republican took aim at some seamier passages of fiction written by his rival, Democratic Sen.-elect Jim Webb. But we wonder what Allen thinks of some other fiction that hits a little closer to home.

Early fiction written by Allen’s sister, Jennifer, depicts scenes that might make even former Marine Webb blush. "Better Get Your Angel On," Jennifer Allen’s 1989 collection of short stories, includes one story in which a couple engages in violent sexual acts while their child watches and smokes a joint. Other passages depict sex, violence and profanity.

The prose is written in a sort of disorienting, Faulkneresque style. A review from Publishers Weekly that accompanies the book’s listing on noted that with "insistent, arresting voices that hurtle the reader through glimpses of hedonistic, drug-speeded-up lives, some of the 13 very short stories in this debut collection succeed on their technical brilliance and shock value."

Webb, a former Marine who served as secretary of the Navy, is the author of six novels, according to his website. Allen’s campaign trotted out passages from several of them, saying they were "demeaning" to women and "dehumanizing."

Jennifer Allen’s most noted work is "Fifth Quarter: The Scrimmage of a Football Coach’s Daughter," an autobiography that attracted attention because it depicted her father, beloved NFL coach George Allen, as removed from the family and said George was often cruel towards her.

Calls to Allen’s office weren’t returned by press time.
NICE. Violent sex, children smoking pot, hedonism, profanity...but war stories written from first hand accounts should be stricken from library shelves and covered in shrink-wrap with huge warnings on the cover at the Barnes and Noble.

Typical Repunlican mindset.

I plan on going to the library tonight to see if this book is available; if it's as hot as it sounds, I'll repost some steamy goodness for you.


Anonymous Caesonia said...

Look, we all know Allen is a hypocrite of the first class. I'm not surprised she doesn't have perfectly groomed hair all the time. But save this one for the next time he runs for office. Otherwise leave the lady alone; she's had a hard enough life just being his sister brought up in that household.

11:22 AM  
Blogger Phriendly Jaime said...

No, I think the hairstyle went along with the substance of the book. It's the tousled bed head look.

And I am not bashing her, I am bringing up another reason why Allen lost bc of his horribly mismanaged campaign. The campaign probably got worried about this book and they pounced on Senator-elect Jim Webb's books out of fear. Stupid.

From Publishers Weekly
Written in a variety of insistent, arresting voices that hurtle the reader through glimpses of hedonistic, drug-speeded-up lives, some of the 13 very short stories in this debut collection succeed on their technical brilliance and shock value. Too many of them, however, are mannered and pretentious, studded with artifice and obsessed with alienation. Allen's stage set is a California strident with Day-Glo colors, slick with plastic values, vibrating with the menace of violence. Her characters are people you would never want to meet, in situations that reek with sleaze. Each of these short takes from the fast-lane begins with an attack sentence, the hallmark of Allen's mentor, Gordon Lish. A few of these slices of life are perfectly pitched and constructed, such as "The Generals," wherein the wife of an accident-prone football player reveals the cause of his incorrigible clumsiness, or "The Burnt," in which the pace is as frantic as fire. But too many others are deliberately outrageous. The opening sentence of "1987" reads:". . . I am watching a man who has blood on his face that looks to me like the blood is coming out of his eye give one, two, three kicks to the stomach of a woman who is on her knees in a puddle of sand. . . ." While Allen is a generously talented writer, one wishes her precocity had been shaped to better ends.
Copyright 1989 Reed Business Information, Inc.

11:30 AM  
Blogger Terry said...

HAHAHAA, nice find. Reminded me of Lynn Cheney flying off the handle a couple weeks ago in an interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN when he mentioned one of her books containing a "lesbian love affair." I thought she was going to storm off the set she got so hot and bothered.

4:53 PM  

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