Monday, October 23, 2006

Telling half of the story...

That's the way republican bloggers for George Allen play the internet game. On a blog I will not link here because I see no reason to provide them with any hits or any recognition, the Allenites are lambasting Jim Webb for joining the NAACP AFTER George Allen joined. They claim that Webb is copying George Allen, which is pretty silly, since George Allen spoke first and had the first opportuinity to answer that yes, he would join. But the best part? They leave out this little ditty...
HAMPTON -Being a politician can exact a heavy personal cost. Just ask U.S. Senate candidates George Allen and Jim Webb.

Each stroked a $750 check from his personal account to become a lifetime member of the NAACP after speaking Friday night at an annual statewide conference of the civil rights group.

Allen spoke first. During an hour long give-and-take before about 200 NAACP members, Linda Thomas, president of the organization, asked Allen if he had ever officially joined the group. "If you're offering me a membership, I accept," Allen replied.

After the appearance, Allen went in a back room with Thomas, filled out the lifetime membership form and was asked for the $750 fee.

"Oh gosh - you didn't tell me that," Allen said.

After inquiring about the less-expensive plans, Allen wrote the full check and asked for a receipt.

Democratic challenger Webb took the stage a few minutes later, immediately heading off any question about whether he would join.

"I'm going to bite the bear before the bear bites me and buy a lifetime membership," he said in opening his speech.
WOW. George Allen doesn't want to pay to be a member of the NAACP. Anyone shocked that the man thinks he deserves a handout? Unbelievable.


Blogger bamabikeguy said...

Dear Phreindly and the Virginia Cousins,

Your blog is now one of the favorites for political discussion amongst my Sacred Heart sisters/teachers from the seventies.

I warned Sister Eleanor about the profane banner in the Bush visit. "Paul, we're eighty years old, I think we can handle it".

But Sr. Mary Ruth, (English lit/librarian) agrees Virginia is key, made the most profound comment. "How could this Allen character be considered 'Presidential material' just two months ago. He obviously is plastic".

That's what we are hearing here in the Bataan Concentration Camps of N. Central Alabama, how could the Republicans be foisting another frat boy chameleon, who doesn't look effective as a Senator, to potentially lead the Nation ?!??

Even if Allen survives, he has been neutralized as a "candidate" for any higher post, and for that "Thank You Webbfoots".

Still, it is obvious from my Charlottesville connections, you are having an impact and making it the squeaker of Nov. 7.

Start getting a sign to raise at Webb HQ that night, a one or two word slogan, equivalent to the guy at the football games with the rainbow afro, "John 4:20" type dealio, so we can point at the screen and say "there they are"!

5:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This blog is the best blog in Virginia and should be on BNN and Leftyblogs. What's taking them so long?

11:46 AM  

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