Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Jim Webb - still awesome, and where can I get that sticker?

The following are some blurbs I picked out of a piece that is floating around the internets today. It's hit fightindems-US, Wes Clark's page, the HuffPo, the FreeMarketNews, and, and I am more than happy to spread it around. I mean, what Virginia Dem has had enough of hearing about Jim Webb's awesomeness? NONE. So, enjoy!
The surge is George W. Bushs greatest strategic error in a sterling legacy of greatest hits. Had he listened to the Baker Commission, he could have crafted a graceful and responsible turn around which most Americans would have welcomed and honored.

But by ignoring the wise council of Bakers bipartisan council, Bush has instead awakened new voices in the Democratic Party; like New Hampshires formidable Carol Shea-Porter, who entered Congress this month, and Vermonts Bernie Sanders.

This will no longer be a Congress which appeases and accommodates neocon agenda, advances egregious torture strategies unknown since the Enlightenment and repeals habeas corpus. It is becoming instead a Congress of real warriors, like Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania and the new Senator from Virginia, Jim Webb, whose constituents today wear bumper stickers which read: My Senator is Fearless. Increasing, it is a Congress which looks to soldiers for strategic thinking as well, like Wesley Clark, which journalist Tom Rinaldo calls the peace candidate for 2008.
OK, where the hell can I get one of those bumper stickers? If anyone knows, please clue me in on where to buy. Thanks!
But the President, whos Yale undergraduate colleagues recall him to be a relentless player of Risk: The Game of Global Domination at a time when Clark and Webb were getting shot to pieces serving their country, is constitutionally incapable of strategic thinking.

Anyone with eyes can see a new awakening in Congress. But much of the mainstream press refuses to look. For the most part it is a state of denial. They are just hoping the leadership crisis will go away and things will go "back to normal." There will be no going back. The Democrats now have the initiative and they should go forward without looking back. This is the crisis which will bring us forward and will bring a new political generation to power.
When we look back years from now, we will look at 2006 as the beginning of the new century. There has been a tendency until now to look for the "new" Roosevelt, or the "new" Kennedy, or to see in a new candidate something which reminds us of a former period. It is a natural healthy yearning for the "return of the king." But it is spiritually debilitating. When Aragorn arrives, the yearning subsides.

The upcoming primary can change the sensibilities of the Democrats and the Democrats need to be changed. I have no doubt that we can win in 08. The Republicans are in free-fall and come to a dead end with the current mischief of President Bush and his Dungeon & Dragon Warriors.
What an awesome piece. Please do yoursleves a favor and read it in its entirety. While I have snipped here and there, the entire article is incredibly inspiring for any Democratic supporter, new and old. Go Dems; 08 and beyond.


Anonymous April said...

Hi phriendly. You can have any sticker you want made at a very user friendly site called My sister, a church organist, go so mad that the Christian Right seemed to be claiming a monopoly on virture during the last election that she had one made that said:


People asked her all the time where she got it. Prices are very reasonable and the more you have made the cheaper it is per sticker.

7:10 PM  
Blogger teacherken said...

Piece has an error. Bush graduated from Yale in 1968, the same year Webb graduated from Annapolis. By the time Webb in Vietnam Bush was long gone fron New Haven, and the only risks he was taking was being in the Texas Air National Guard, to which he occasionally did show up.

7:14 PM  
Blogger Dannyboy said...

If you can see Jim Webb, he can see you.

If you can't see Jim Webb, you may be moments away from death.

7:19 PM  

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