Sunday, December 24, 2006

Quick notes from New Jersey...

Ahhhhhhhhh, to be a political celebrity! I cannot tell you how many horn honks, thumbs ups, and random positive comments I have gotten for my Jim Webb sticker on my Virginia plated car. It is a fact that this race was a lot bigger around the country than most of us thought it ever could be. Kudos again, Webb supporters and Democratic voters of Virginia! We truly did an amazing thing.

On another note, looks like I was right-Jim Webb was the silent one, whiny and pathetic Mr. Bush was the one who broke the story to the papers about the "feud" between the two men. I have been saying this to people for weeks, and there is an excellent write up here. Wow, shocker; Mr. Bush lied. Well, his lips WERE moving...

And speaking of which...I don't know what the heck is going on between the highly esteemed and credible Democratic blogs of Virginia and the brand new, full of mistakes and bad writing Republican SLOP of Virginia that like to call themselves "blogs", but it's hilarious. The Republicans are foaming at the mouth, and it's totally enjoyable and amusing. Keep it up, guys. We're working on 07 elections and you are playing with photoshop and whining to your grown children about internet fighting while they are most likely rolling their eyes and wishing they could get the hell out of your house and back to their life without you. GROW UP, ALREADY (and yeah, if you're stalking my blog and you THINK I am talking about you-I AM). Republicans, stop your whining and start thinking of the future already. We won, PLEASE get over it and move on. What are you accomplishing?

Mature and responsible; hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Happy Holidays.


Blogger Mosquito said...

And the right wing neocons have created a new conspiracy theory....Not only do we "war on Christmas" but we are out to get the right wing blogs...

Why don't I get invited to the secret meetings on these topics?


2:38 PM  

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