Friday, December 08, 2006

Former Senator George Allen outspent Senator-elect Jim Webb 2-1

Didn't help, did it?
Federal campaign finance reports show that Virginia Senator George Allen outspent Democrat Jim Webb by 2-to-1 in his unsuccessful run for a second term. Postelection reports filed late yesterday with the Federal Election Commission show the Republican spent about 16 (m) million dollars to Webb's eight (m) million.

Webb edged Allen by 93-hundred-29 votes out of nearly two-point-four (m) million cast in last month's election, a margin of point-39 percentage points. Allen decided not to demand taxpayer-financed recount, despite being entitled to one under state law.

Allen had a 16-to-1 advantage over Webb in fund-raising as late as July, but Webb began making up ground after several Allen campaign missteps. The most notable was when Allen was caught on videotape at a campaign event in August calling a young man of Indian descent "macaca," which is a racial slur in some cultures.

According to the finance reports, Webb ended the campaign with about 205-thousand dollars left over and Allen had nearly 176-thousand.
Always remember; volunteers are priceless, bad presidents make their buddies look like crap, and good people deserve to win.

UPDATE:I realize that Republican bloggers look to the Democratic blogs for ideas, but EVERY blogger (regardless of their inane and pathetic party affiliation) knows that you do not COPY from one another. I would appreciate it if the rightosphere stopped cutting and pasting from my blog without citing me, and I would ESPECIALLY appreciate it if you would cease going through my blog and archives soley to try to steal my ideas for a post of your own. It's sad, silly, and BEYOND pathetic. Some of you "claim" to be parents; nice example for your children. Would you like them to do the same in school?


Now move on...


Anonymous PM said...

And, LOL, latest Zogby telephone poll has Bush approval at %30; Rasmussen has Congressional approval at THIRTEEN percent.

8:56 PM  
Blogger Grievous' Dog said...


12:22 PM  
Blogger Howling Latina said...

Well when you are bereft of ideas, go steal those of someone else.

By the bye, for very, very personal reasons, absolutely nothing to do with politics, I really like Jeanmarie Devolites before she became a Davis.

9:10 PM  

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