Monday, December 04, 2006

Governor Kaine delays execution of Percy Walton for the second time

Like Governor Kaine, I don't know the entire diagnosis of Percy Walton's mental well-being, but I do know that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled it unconstitutional to execute the insane and mentally retarded. In order to follow the law, Walton must be diagnosed correctly. This is a touchy subject for some, but let's face it; the outcome is pretty severe. This is why we have the judicial system in America.
RICHMOND, Virginia: Virginia Governor Timothy M. Kaine on Monday delayed the execution of a triple killer set to die this week, amid claims the condemned man is mentally retarded and insane.

Percy Walton, 28, had been scheduled to die by lethal injection Friday for the 1996 murders of three neighbors.

It was the second time the governor has temporarily halted Walton's execution. In June, Kaine issued a six-month delay to allow for an independent evaluation of Walton's mental condition and competence.

Kaine on Monday said he was delaying Walton's execution an additional 18 months, until June 10, 2008, for "continued observation" of Walton's mental state.

"I am compelled to conclude that Walton is severely mentally impaired and meets the Supreme Court's definition of mental incompetence," Kaine said. "At the same time, it is within the realm of possibility — though unlikely — that Walton's mental impairment is not permanent. Accordingly, a commutation of his sentence is not appropriate at this time."


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