Friday, December 01, 2006

NLS was way right

A few days ago, NLS reported that Jim Webb's son's tank was next to a tank that was attacked which resulted in the death of 3 marines a few weeks ago in Iraq.

Many people claimed Ben was lying, or spreading unconfirmed gossip.

This FACT was just reported by Eleanor Clift on the McLaughlin Group.

She also wrote about it here.
A quirky individualist who wants no part of the phony collegiality of Washington, Webb was rightly insulted when Bush pressed him in that bullying way—“That’s not what I asked you”—trying to force the conversation back to Webb’s son. Webb could have asked how the Bush girls are doing, partying their way across Argentina. He could have told Bush he was worried about his son; the vehicle next to him was blown up recently, killing three Marines. Given the contrast between their respective offspring, Webb showed restraint.


It’s justice long overdue for a president who has so abused the symbols of war to get his comeuppance from a battlefield hero who personifies real toughness as opposed to fake toughness. Bush struts around with this bullying frat-boy attitude, and he gets away with it because nobody stands up to him. Bush could have left Webb’s initial response stand, but no, he had to jab back—“That’s not what I asked you.” Webb is not one to be bullied. He knows what real toughness is, and it’s not lording it over people who are weaker than you, and if you’re president, everybody by definition is weaker.

The lords of Washington will say that Webb got off to a rocky start, but so did Paul Wellstone, another iconoclastic citizen turned politician who dared to violate social protocol. It was another Bush and another gulf war, but Wellstone’s initial impropriety set the stage for what turned out to be a distinguished and even inspirational career that was tragically cut short by a plane crash four years ago. A professor of political science at Minnesota’s Carleton College, Wellstone was antiwar even then and had run on a progressive platform. At a White House reception in 1991 for newly elected members, Wellstone used his time in the receiving line with President George H.W. Bush to press his opposition to the first gulf war that loomed on the horizon and to urge more attention to education and health care. After he moved through the line, Bush was overheard saying, “Who is this chickens--t?” It's a sentiment the son surely shares.
I think some people may owe Ben an apology.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also heard he was very well hung.

9:54 PM  
Blogger Phriendly Jaime said...


You don't know me very well.

The sex refs really don't bother me. You must have me mistaken with a fat Republican prude.

10:09 PM  
Blogger JPTERP said...

My guess is that Clift picked up on the story via the Washington Post's comments section, which included references to the incident.

Clift's article did sound like a nice compendium of the points that were stated on the Post's comment section.

In fact, some jerk mentioned the NLS details on the first page of comments. A few others had citations calling attention to NLS's post.

I hope that, like any good journalist, Clift independently verified the information.

10:40 PM  

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