Friday, November 17, 2006

Doonesbury has a poll up

Check it out:
The aftermath of a hotly contested election provides a rare opportunity to savor a heaping bowl of Schadenfreude. The Town Hall is pleased to offer you a spoon. (Next week: Losers we'll miss.)

Which outcome is giving you the most pleasure?

A. Santorum's defeat. First thing he did in concession speech was thank God. Ditto that. You can't vote Rush out of office, but this is what it would feel like.

B. Allen's implosion. From presidential timber to former-senator scrapheap in a macaca moment. Breathtaking. Oh, and way to lose the Senate, dude.

C. Rumsfeld's fall. Was it expected? Good gracious, yes. Overdue? Heavens to Betsy, of course. Will it help? My goodness, I should hope so.

Top beef
1. War 2. Scandal 3. Incompetence
I voted for Allen's implosion. Why? I knew Rumsfeld was going to be leaving because I knew we would win some seats back from the Republicans. It also became very clear very early on that Santorum "Man on Dog" was going to get fired. So, for me, Allen's implosion was the most entertaining event in 06. I also voted for incompetance, because the depth of the Republican's stupidity and craziness is truly astounding.


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