Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I don't have much to write, but man oh MAN...Jeannemarie Devolites Davis sure has stepped in it recently. From screaming at high school students to handing out false mailers to inviting her constituents to attack her opponent's children and now federal election fraud, Jeannemarie sure is showing her desperation.

Check it all out here.


Blogger The Richmond Democrat said...

Yeah! WoS is still around!


8:15 AM  
Blogger Jason Kenney said...

Meh, no real scandals here. A Petersen leaning kid said she was yelled at and no one backed her story up (c'mon, you look at a kid the wrong way and you've "yelled" at them), the "false mailers" was a box mix-up with volunteers (especially since both hangers look a lot alike), and the mailer issue was blown way out of proportion by Chap, perhaps overplayed and about to backfire on him.

The real story here is that Petersen had a large lead three weeks ago and it's gone now. Ben's going into overdrive to boost his boy and it's going to be unfortunate for him when JMDD pulls this off.

11:48 AM  
Blogger Jason Kenney said...

PS - How have you been, Jaime?

11:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To be fair, the FEC thing isn't going to hurt JMDD *nearly* as much as it hurts Tom Davis. There's hardly enough time to really get traction on the state senate campaign with this particular issue, but there's more than enough time for investigations, committee hearings, FEC-levied fines, etc.

While JMDD might be leaving the public eye after Tuesday, this story has the potential to go the distance for a year or more.

12:18 PM  

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