Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Please sign the petition

Virginia's own blogger Dave Montoya has a fabulous and informative diary on Daily Kos that covers an incredibly important request. Here is the rundown:
When will we all listen? Again, just like in 2002 to prevent the Iraq War both Jim Webb and Wesley Clark are working to prevent another war.

This time, here in 2007 it's with Iran.

Yesterday, Sen. Jim Webb introduced a bill that would block funding for any war with Iran. To veterans, this isn't a partisan issue. Matters of war and peace never are. It's an American issue.

We need this entire online community to get onboard with this issue. Who wants to go to another war? Who wants to send their children or grandchildren back to the middle east?

If you don't want another war, if you want to prevent it sign the petition.

No matter WHO you support for U.S. President in 2008.

Stop what you are doing, and sign the petition. This isn't about politics, it's about our future. In 2002, no one spoke out. Those who did in the beginning were labeled "unpatriotic".

I don't care about labels anymore, this is the most patriotic thing I can do. None, ought to question anyones patriotism in this country.

We have a duty, a duty to question our government.

If you haven't signed this petition, do so now. Join the troops, stop another war. Last time no one (or very few) listened to Wes Clark or Jim Webb, don't be fooled by the right again.
I signed, GLADLY. Now it's your turn.


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