Sunday, November 26, 2006

Oh, now this is just PATHETIC...

Apparently, according to the "small government" conservative bloggers in Virginia, children shouldn't enjoy cartoons anymore.


Because...GASP!!!!! They might contain common sense arguments concerning our environment and other such "LIBERAL" talk!


Go here to read some of the most ridiculous and SAD comments made by Republican bloggers in defense of their "conservative values..."

Virginia right wing blogger fuming over movie; pulls page out of Fox News' playbook

Anyone else besides myself sick of Republicans being paranoid, raging ass-hats that foam at the mouth at the mere thought that someone might be trying to "pull one over on them?" While I generally try not to call out other bloggers like so, given the recent flurry of thoughtless, inane crap posted on SWACgirl, I have no problem pointing out her most recent post about the movie "HAPPY FEET" where she complains that the movie was too politically correct for her. The Liberal Progressive wants to know when telling the truth became 'politically correct,' and what is so wrong with this? She goes on to spew out the following:

Along the way he finds a penguin ("Lovelace" with the voice of Robin Williams) who has a plastic six-pack "necklace" he acquired from the trashy waters ... and discovers humans are, of course, responsible for fishing and diminishing the fish population for the penguins.

Oh? Who is responsible then? The penguins for eating, the fish for sucking so bad that they aren't able to adapt, or the plastic and garbage that ends up in our oceans? She goes on to moan and groan about the movie being "anti human," and makes some broad accusation that it's a new and exciting trend for kids' movies to have some subliminal, left wing message, full of conspiracy and propaganda.

I'm tired of supposed "kids' movies" having some "pro-social issue/anti-human" propaganda woven through them when all I wanted to do was watch a cute animated movie!

Anti human?? I highly doubt the movie had any sort of political intentions, but if it did, what is wrong with educating kids, and perhaps getting them concerned, and aware of the way they treat the environment and such (like teaching them that not properly disposing of garbage can have bad effects on animals?).

Maybe SWACgirl needs to refrain herself from pulling pages out of the Fox News playbook. While Neil Cavuto conveniently forgot to mention the cancellation of the OJ Simpson interview by Fox (ON THE DAY IT WAS ANNOUNCED!), he found no problem pointing out that Happy Feet contained a "hidden agenda" that is "pretty far left," during his supposed business news program.

I have never once done a "winner of the week" or other such contest. But today, Terry of The Liberal Progressive gets the "Right on, nice call out" award for making some wonderful COMMON SENSE points. Thanks Terry!


Blogger J in Ric said...

you know, some people prefer to live with their heads in the sand.

Off to see Happy Feet with the fam!

5:25 PM  
Blogger Terry said...

She had it coming. If it wasn't for the comedic value of her blog, I wouldn't read it.

8:32 PM  

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