Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Re: Jim Webb vs. George Bush; Reps would have been pissed either way

By now, the entire blogosphere and much of the MSM knows the story of Jim Webb and his dinner at the White House where George Bush was incredibly rude and did not resemble in the slightest a president of anything, much less the great United States of America. Today, the Republicans are madder than a wet cat, declaring that Senator-elect Jim Webb (D-VA) was "rude and disrespectful" to George Bush. They are all loudly claiming that a man who is such a "loose cannon" cannot be trusted in the Congress. They "can't believe" that Jim Webb didn't just shut up and smile, and LIE to the President's face about his feelings, just to "respect" the President and his decisions which affect the entire country (except him, his family, and his administration). "The HORROR", they say!


Listen, it's not surprising to me that they have decided to have this...a-HEM..."discussion" because this is the behavior they exhibit whenever they are up against a wall, defeated, frightened, and angry. None of us should be surprised that the right side of the aisle is acting as out of control and insane as they are right now. After 6 years, we are used to it, right? However, I have to say; had Jim Webb reacted the way they would have liked, would their response have been any different? Would they have applauded Jim Webb for shaking Mr. Bush's hand, posing for a picture, and giving him a canned answer he is used to hearing from moony eyed supporters?


Think about it; Jim Webb ran his entire campaign along the lines that he, unlike FORMER Senator George Allen, was nothing like Mr. Bush, and that he completely disagreed with the decisions made by Mr. Bush in regards to the Iraq war. I am going to go ahead and make a wager that had Jim Webb "behaved" himself at the White House, they would be wailing about what a "typical liberal hypocrite" Webb is, or how he ran on nothing except a stance he "obviously didn't feel strongly about" in retrospect. As I said above; Republicans would have been pissed either way.

Now, we must ask them the question; were they proud of their Congressmen and women who "behaved themselves" when they took over the majority party when President Clinton was still in office? Were they excited that their favorite Republican goose steppers posed for a picture with "the eeeeeeeeevil" President Clinton at their welcome dinner way back when? Would they be happy to know that their hypocritcal, lying representatives smiled and schmoozed with the man they ran their entire platform and campaign AGAINST in order to win a seat in Congress, vying for a vote from the jaded public MAJORITY?


You better BELIEVE that had one of their precious Republican public officials done the same thing TO BILL CLINTON...well, let's just say it would have been the same reaction we all have. Elation, happiness, joyful celebration over our new hero in the Senate. At the very least, they certainly wouldn't be screaming that the newly elected Congress person be "put in their place" or "chastized" or GASP! "made to apologize."

So, let them cry and complain about it. Let them wail and beat their fists and bite their pillows and gnash their teeth over the fact that a man, Jim Webb, who was once revered and respected by conservatives and Republicans alike, actually showed that he had a pair of balls and that he would NEVER be bought or compromised just to show people that he is a congressman for the United States of America.

Let them behave the way they wish, because jealousy is an incredibly ugly feature. They are all finally stripped of their clothing and they are naked for the world to see.

And it's a WONDERFUL thing.


Blogger JPTERP said...

If the GOP and George W. Bush want to make Jim Webb the centerpiece of the Iraq debate, so be it.

As a Marine and a father of a soldier, Jim Webb has more moral authority on this issue than all but a handful of Washington politicians.

Additionally, if G.W. wants to draw contrasts between him and Jim Webb, so be it. He should be forwarned though: This isn't 2004. And Jim Webb isn't John Kerry.

2:29 PM  
Blogger Terry said...

I think Bearing Drift wins best spin job. Check out the vile crap they're talking about. "Putting Jim Webb in his place with the other 100," and other such nonsense.

By the one, check out one final laugh at swacgirl's expense. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA.

2:43 PM  
Blogger Mosquito said...

oLOL...George Bush is known in Europe as President Apocalypse and for good reason...Bush can't do anything right...

Webb's my choice of a leader any day...Let the Republicans keep their George keep him.

Maybe you can go down to his ranch with him in Paraquay when he cuts and runs....

5:54 PM  
Anonymous Un paraguayo said...

Es "Paraguay" pedazo de pelotudo!!

11:10 PM  

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