Thursday, December 14, 2006

46 years in prison is not enough for some people

And Kelly Payne is one of those people. Payne was convicted of 4 counts of murder in October, and a 46 year sentence has been imposed on her for the crime. She was driving drunk, and she killed a man crossing the street. Frankly, if this was her FIRST offense, I would applaud the sentnce.

But it's not. It's not by a long shot.
A woman who has killed two people while driving drunk will spend 46 years in prison for the hit-and-run death of a Richmond man.

Thirty-four-year-old Kelly Payne was sentenced yesterday for the hit-and-run crash in March that killed a man who was walking along a Richmond street. Payne was convicted in October of four counts in the death of Ashokkumar Patel (ash-SHOH'-koo-marr pah-TEHL'), including felony murder.

The judge imposed the sentence recommended by a jury that heard about Payne's record -- 21 offenses including six drunken-driving charges and the vehicular homicide of a 13-year-old girl in Tennessee. She served prison time for that death.

The prosecutor said that Payne has repeatedly quit counseling or alcohol-treatment programs and resumed drinking.
Disgusting. She should have a much longer sentence, and she should have no chance for parole. She is obviously a sick person who cannot be trusted to act responsibly. She had already killed one person before her most recent crime; why was this woman allowed to drive after that? It may just be me, but I happen to think that if you kill someone once because you were driving drunk, you probably should have the privilidge of driving stripped from you permanently. 21 offenses? 21 OFFENSES, and a history of refusing treatment?

Unfortunately for Mr. Patel, the courts system aided in his untimely death. Payne should have been off the road a long time ago. Good riddance to her, and I hope she enjoys prison. I have a feeling it'll sober her up real quick.


Blogger Catzmaw said...

She may not have been licensed at all. I've represented a lot of serial driving offenders and their attitude is they don't need no steenkin' licenses to drive. A lot of them have mental health components to their problems like bipolar disorder or serious personality disorders. The only cure for someone like that is prison, lots and lots of prison. If it's any comfort, we don't have any parole in Virginia so she will have to serve at least 86 percent of her sentence. Upon release it's mandatory that she have a minimum of three years of post-release supervision, but it could be more. Most judges would be inclined to put at least 5 years of post-release supervision over her, maybe more. This is much like supervised probation and would require her to abstain from alcohol, see her P.O. frequently, and to attend any and all programs required by her P.O. If she fails to comply she can be sent back to prison.

I'm not sure why the jury didn't sentence her even more heavily. She must have had a good defense attorney. But the judge cannot sentence in excess of what the jury has recommended. He can only sentence below their recommendation, which judges rarely do.

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